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Saturday, 20 February 2016

WEIRD NEWS: Homosexual Husband & 'Husband' Discover They are TWINS

A gay husband and 'husband', i mean Husband and wife (Man & Man) are currently crying and regretting for getting married after a DNA test proved they are Twin Brothers. They went for DNA test due to pressure from family and friends following their remarkable resemblance. The couple, Jason Osbourne and Alex Brown met at a modeling event in New York and have since been lovers.

One of the couple, Alex Brown said he will start living a normal life with a woman, may quit homosexual act due to the shameful discovery
Both men were separated at birth and adopted in different families although they both were unaware of this fact until the DNA testing.
Sexual relations between siblings are prohibited in the United States but the two brothers would not be prosecuted because of the particularities of this specific case, believe legal experts.

Zaki Tor and 2 others like this.

Chizzy Gracious

End time

Endy Edeson

@gracious: really endtime. homosexual twin couple. i guess they will annul their marriage and stop seeing each other in private

Anthony Gbazalo

Oyibo no care. Them go still go ahead with de marriage

Sam Oladele Alebiosu

Go and sin no more

Anne Oiza Oyizzy

They resemble so much, they should have check before entering into such evil relationship in the first place

Endy Edeson

@oiza: If they can only repent and embrace Christ, their sins woul be forgiven

Anne Oiza Oyizzy

Yes oh bcos God is love and He hates their sin not them

Bekere Becky Afaka

Endy no repentance for gays,if not God would have spared Sodom n Gomorrah

Anne Oiza Oyizzy

That was before Jesus came to redeem us Bekere Becky Afaka

Bekere Becky Afaka

Thunder fire their penises

Juliana Tsiamu

Hahahahaha...that happened for a reason, let everybody learn and say no to homosexual before nemesis wil befall the U.S

Zaki Tor

Confusions of our generation#Signs of the end Time.....Regrets of insane behavior!!#

Endy Edeson

@beck: anne is right, Jesus has paid the price for them

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