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Thursday, 11 February 2016

POLITICS/RELIGION: Bishop Oyedepo Supports PDP, Attends Governor Udom's Thanksgiving

The general overseer of Winners Chapel a.ka.Living Faith Church, Bishop David. O. Oyedepo is currently at the Thanksgiving Ceremony of Akwa Ibom State governor for his supreme court verdict over his political enemy, Umana Umana of the APC. Bishop Oyedepo is a very reserved and expensive man of God who hardly show up in public events is one of the men of God that is celebrating with Governor Udom. The people of Akwa Ibom are already tapping from the blessing of Oyedepo.
Although, Goodluck Jonathan
lost 2015 presidential election despite the fact that Bishop Oyedepo prayed for him to win, his prayers are still relevant to help the spiritual welfare of the PDP.
During his speech at the event this afternoon as observed by Edeson Online News, The man of God said He is present in Akwa Ibom to celebrate Victory over Darkness and that it is timely for Governor Udom to invite him for the thanksgiving.
The Man of God is said to be a good friend to the People's Democratic Party, prefers to have PDP take over in Nigeria. Some of his church members are yet to recover from Goodluck Jonathan's lost.
Meanwhile, reports from the camp of APC say, Umana Umana who fought dirty with incumbent Governor Udom at the Supreme Court but lost is presently not in happy mood as many dignitaries including the famous Bishop Oyedepo is celebrating with his political Enemy.
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Prog Da-Lars

You and your inciting and appauling reports at times, supports PDP as if he campaigned for them, was that his mission there? I also watched it live, he was on a missionary assignment to Preach-and-Go but you added a stain to the report. To someone who never watched the event it is another stort entirely. Na wa oo!

PreacherMan Ataisi Frank

He won't learn and listen to sound reasoning, practicing shallow journalism just to get attention so unprofessional in headlines. Is a pity.

Mebude Ridwan Damilare

Endy I lik n respect u a lot,bt becareful wit d choice of word u use in ur reports.....d Bishop is a respected n highly placed man of God so my guy dnt be a controversial blogger plz! may God help us all

Prog Da-Lars

Wasiu needs to understand far beyond this post. Because you're a muslim doesn't mean he is supporting the Bishop. There's nothing religious here but peace coz if Endy was a muslim, some christians might have pointed him to his fault more than this.

Chine Kingsley

endyson be careful,we knew when and how u startd.i askd u a ques the lasttime i comment on one of ur post dat ve u now become biase and u replied with something else.

Endy Edeson

@preaacherman: What is wrong with my headline? if you attend someone's event, aren't you in support of him. So is it out of place to use such headline? You say i copy and Paste, have you read the content of this article anywhere else on the internet? check all my post, i write my articles myself. I have my own style of writing which is different from other bloggers. The content of this article or any other post is neither false nor geared towards condemning the character of anyone. I'm an Independent Online News reporter, I have the right to choose my writing style in as much as it's not LIE and does not incite crisis. Let me remind you that I'm an Entertainment Blogger, my posts on any subject are written in a 'factual entertaining manner'

Chibyke Resources

Tell them..

PreacherMan Ataisi Frank

Open your heart to wisdom and correction Endy Edeson and grow in this industry you've chosen.

Endy Edeson

@preacherman: i learn from my mistakes. I'm open for correction becuase i'm human, also I always stand by my words when I know I'm not wrong. @chibyke: thank you my brother.

Chibyke Resources

Fake PreacherMan Ataisi Frank, stop being a bot-licker.

Alvarez Ugochukwu

Hmmm... i reserve my comment.. im not in support of criticism against men of God. whosoever. ‪#‎passingwithdignity‬

Adebulu Taiwo Iyanuoluwa

"Bishop Oyedepo Supports PDP" crash journalism

Bekere Becky Afaka

Na today? Next news joor.I gat no time for men of gold who fly in private jets while Christianity is suffering

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