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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

POLITICS: President Buhari Appoints a Blind Man as His Special Adviser

Buhari has made history as the first Nigerian president to appoint a Blind Man as his aide. Yesterday, Monday 22, Buhari appointed a blind man (visually impared), Dr. Samuel Inalegwu Ode as his Senior Special Assistant with the responsibility of dealings with persons living with Disabilities in Nigeria  Dr. Ode is from Benue State. He went to school in Giwa, near Zaria and Kaduna before readingveterinary medicine at the
Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. He is married and has children.


Uroko Victor Onuora

We're really CHANGING.., whether its for good or bad is yet to be seen

Endy Edeson

uroko: this move is a positive one. he is carrying everyone along

Smith Abiye

indeed Boss...and the ones that can see with good advise skills aint available?

Anne Oiza Oyizzy

Is a blind man not human being? The fact that he is blind does not mean his brain is not working @ Smith Abiye

Real Michael

Indeed including dollar and naira

Samuel Ijah

This is a true sign of change! Next appointment will be a deaf and dumb person.

Bishop George


Lastbabystanding Vikthoriah Bholuwhatife

yea samuel.... he will appoint a deaf and dumb as minister of information

Adeyemi Seun

Grab ur copy now.

Adetayo Adejumo

Typical of Nigerians. If you hate someone even the good he does you'll call it bad. PMB has done a noble,thing here. Give him, some credit. If you want to castigate him on the Naira free fall, frequent travelling etc go ahead but at least be objective. Call goo, good and bad, bad. It then we will know you're not biased and can be taken seriously.

John Abah

he speaks very well.

Bekere Becky Afaka

May God help nigeria

Olamiju Taiwo Comrade Teecode

I dnt see anything wrong in what he has done. The man is just physically challenged but mentally okay. Besides, he was appointed in order to be a representative of other people with disabilities... One thing am quite sure of is that Nigeria will get to her promise land come what may. I submit

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