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Thursday, 11 February 2016

EDUCATION/CRIME NEWS: Student Expelled from Rivers State University because She is Deaf & Dump

It was earlier reported that a student Jane Ihuoma-Ottah was expelled from Rivers State University of Science and Technology because she can't speak and hear. The girl, however, has filed a N20 Million suit against the university for expelling her. According Edeson Online News checks, Ihuoma wasn’t born deaf, the deformity started when she was just 6 years. Ohuoma is a very brilliant student. Despite her predicament, she made her WAEC at one sitting, was admitted to Rivers State University. She wants to be a lecturer in future but now the university want to cut off her dreams.
She prays the court rules in favour of her so she can continue her university education.

Ayokunle Ayk Adeleye

*deaf and dumB. the question is, Did she disclose her deformity during the admission process? did she declare it on her JAMB form?

Endy Edeson

@Ayokunle: it is her right to education whether she disclosed her challenges or not. If she can still make good grades with her condition, i see no reason why the university should expel her. it's discrimination

Olajide Young Johnson

This Is Purely Abusing Of Humanright, It Must Be Treated With All Seriousness

Ayokunle Ayk Adeleye

It remains an offence to lie and falsify records. How does a deaf person expect to learn in a university where lectures DICTATE notes and expect verbal discussions in the class? let's be reasonable

Aruoture Goodie

If she didn't disclose her predicament, she obviously can't win... This is usually a space for less privileges when filling admission forms... So if she's right, goodluck, I will personally fight for her course, if not.... Then my hands are tied...

Miz'Oh Yeh Tella

I agree with Ayo... it's wrong of her not to have disclosed the true state of her well-being... I'm sure if she had done that, the Uni would have denied her the so called admission instead of going tru with it only to later expel her.... fine what the school authority did seem wrong... but we shouldn't just look at just the surface of dis matter.. there's need for one to go deeper into it... so as not to seem partial in one's judgement...

Chy Ney Duu

She sud go and seat down at home or better still go to a skul dat offers special education to pepo wit disability,i see no discrimination hia,d skul jus made it clear to d gul dat dey dnt av lecturers to offer d kind of service dat she needs.its difficult lecturin able pepo,talk mo of pepo who r disabl,on top of dat deaf and dumb.

Smart Hugoris Dcool

human being sef, yes its her right to education. but how wil she hear wat d lecturer is sayin or wen he/she dictates note, wat abot assignnent,seminar , project defence. expulsion is d best my pple

Goodluck Neka Timothy

UST no be where disable fit cope.

Jessy Brewer

What nonsense .. Nigerians are full of shit ...isn't she human can't she study

Olugbenga Onasoga

D court must in2 it n well gud naijas should look in2 if dey can give her scholarship.

Pat Okafor

May God be your help

Raphael Da Arch Angel

Thank you @ Jessy. I ve seen blind students do better than regular students.. Cobhams Asuquo, kingsley Ubah, to mentiön a few, the lady here is far more equipd to do better.

Emmanuel Divine

my pipo say "who no go no know" even those who are not deform are expel (waff) every year due to poor academic performance, the truth is the university are not helping issues that concerns students, they 4get that no university without student, the lectures are happy @ students failure, heartless men

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