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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

POLITICS/CRIME NEWS: Olisah Metuh Disgraced, Treated Like a Tomato Thief in Court Today

It's really a pitiable condition for PDP National Publicity Secretary Olisah Metuh as he is being treated like a tomato thief. The outspoken Metuh looks dumbfounded when he arrived court today. The prison officials hand-cuffed him because they learnt there were plans Metuh wanted to escape before getting to the court. Metuh is arraigned on a 7 count charge of money laundering and corruption.


2 people like this.

Chidiebere Nicholas Emele

apc....plan hw long...na who remain?

Endy Edeson

this is beyond metuh's political power

Chidiebere Nicholas Emele

edeson...watch ur bck?

Obiora Don Ezim

hmm naija

Endy Edeson

what do you mean by "i should watch my back"? @emele

Anne Oiza Oyizzy

Do you say tomato thief? Are they not worse than tomato thief and ought to be treated even worse

Endy Edeson

@anne: it's a big suprise. one expected this kind of treatment. dokpesi wasn't treated like this

Muthieu DC

some people are very funny. unless Endy received money that doesn't belong to him. that's the only way he needs to watch his back.

Endy Edeson

@muthieu: hahahahah. that's tru bro. my hands are clean, so why should i watch my back?

Tony Anyatonwu

Endy please have you seen or heard that an APC member was arrested by the DSS or EFCC?if No then I strongly believe that Nigeria is already a history

Endy Edeson

@TONY: you have a point. It baffles me to see how this anti-corruption is ONE-SIDED in a country that boast of practising democracy. this is an indirect/modern day millitary government. Let the president punish one of his own to justify his acts

Oluwaseun Praise O'neal

Did apc member shared from the forbidden yam. And mind u these politicians are worst than tomato thief cos in China u will be killed if found stealing in govt coffers. Let metuh prove that his hands were cleaned and he will go back home. Endy since you didint collect ur share u are free

Endy Edeson

@oluwaseun: hahahahahahah. yes oooo. it's good to always breath fresh air every day

Uchenna Lawrence

Metu too talk abeg

Endy Edeson

@uchenna: i was telling a friend of mine that it was because of metuh's too much outburst that lead to his ordeal. he should learn how to be quiet like GEJ. if GEJ had been attacking buhari, there IS no way he won't be invited by EFCC. bUHARI may not even harm you if you don't attack him even though you are corrupt. that is the secret to survive in Buhari's government. don't speak against him. the next in line may be Femi-Fani-Kayode. that guys talks without season

Olufemi O. Ajayi

What of Ayo Fayose?

Endy Edeson

@olufemi: that's true. even him too. he should learn from what is happening to his collegues.

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