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Monday, 25 January 2016

BIAFRA UPDATES: We Don’t Recognise Biafran Passport – US, UK

MASSOB had earlier claimed that Biafra Passport was valid worldwide, other countries of the world accept Biafran passport except Nigeria. Sunny Okereafor, the National Director of Information, MASSOB said it's only Nigeria that seizes the Passport but Neigbouring countries like Ghana and Cameroon stamp the Passport. He added that the Biafra Passport cost only N5,000 with a renewal fee of N2000.

Edeson Online News has however gathered that MASSOB claims of Biafra valid passport is nothing but a "BIG FAT LIE" as the governments of the United States and the United Kingdom have said they do not recognise the passports being issued by the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra.
The UK recalled that it did not support the disintegration of Nigeria during the 1967 Biafran War and had not changed its stance 49 years after.

2 people like this.

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey

somewhere along the line.. I start to smell some measure of 419 in this Biafra thing. Why think about a passport when authority has not been given for the Biafran movement? who controls such monies paid for passports? make some people shine dem eye o

Endy Edeson

the passport is a big scam as Biafra is not yet sovereign. The Igbos should "SHINE THEIR EYES" from anyone who wants to deceive them

Edwin Scott

Read that line again 5000naira and renew it 2000naira I was looking forward to here Biafran pounds hahaha confused people.

Birthdayboi Wizy

lol I pity dem, biafrans are like monkeys tryin to paint the monalisa lol, in their dreams

Stanley Smart Uchennam

Endy you are a big liar, that's not what they said...why do you like spreading lies...

Birthdayboi Wizy

Stanley oya wat did dey say o...dilusional biafran wanabee

Endy Edeson

@WIZZY: please ask him for me

Olaitan Alade Asm

Please tell them!

Prince Golden Igweka

Both Endy edeson and supporters are bunch of hypocrites and daft ...

Okonkwo Ud Innovation

Endy will soon regret all his dees i thought he was civilized, just so Biased

Birthdayboi Wizy

The only people that wil regret is the clowns calling themselves biafrans lol, even disney land is an actual place,bt biafra only exist in ur head lol

Endy Edeson

@igweka & okonkwo: come on us, what concerns me, it's factual news i'm reporting. One Nigeria

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