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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

POLITICS: Governor Nyeso Wike in Secret Tears as Court of Appeal Sacks Him

An insider in brick house who wouldn't want to be mentioned told Edeson Online News that embattled governor of Rivers State, Nyeso Wike cried uncontrollably today in his official residence after court of appeal upheld Election Tribunal ruling that he was not duly elected as Rivers State governor . Our source said, it was his wife that pampered him to stop crying.
Following Appeal Court ruling today, there will be a re-run governorship election in Rivers State in 90 days.


Enyinda Nathaniel Okey

if he sheds secret tears over this, I will be surprised. we have been following the trend and we have drawn the extrapolated line. many of us saw that the handwriting on the wall was to waste more funds to conduct a new election. If in that conduct any problem happens... the Fed Govt would declare d state,,,,, INCONCLUSIVE AND COULD ASK FOR EMERGENCY!!!

Endy Edeson

@okey: re-run will vindicate him if he truly has Rivers mandate

Vgbg Emmy Ajeabzzy

APC re tryin all their possible best to captured 1 of da south south oil producing state frm da PDP,(ikwabom,Beyelsa nd Riverz) we all kwnz the planz of ASSOCIATION OF PAST CRIMINALS(APC) they Judiciary has sold out, there is dust in da Air

Frank Sylvanus

Y is judiciary bin bias. Y only PDP, Please PMB Should not cause war. I believe Wike will win again

Henry Sunday

I saw him this evening at PDP secretariat along aba road ph addressing PDP supporters.

Bennard Ahupa

Buh he will still win noni

Nnanna Idika Mba

Hw many more lives will be lost again in Rivers state if there's truly going to be a re run?
Do inec have d capacity to conduct election in Rivers, Having failed in kogi & even bayelsa with just 8 LG?
Supreme court shd apply wisdom here

Eze Osimiri

Win in which state?has he won before?

Bennard Ahupa

Eze u no get sense

Sadiq Abubakar Sadiq

He shouldn't have because he knew that he was a caretaker governor, as such, why would he be disturbed emotionally? let him move on from where he stopped & life continues.

Sebastine Ejiofor Uroko

He is a fool. He thought that disliking biafra and naming all d street and stadium in rivers state after gowon wil win him govnor sit.ntoooo.

Bennard Ahupa

Uroko come let's support our bro! Do u expect him open support biafra?

Makuochukwu Ogochukwu Onyekachukwu Ezenwugo

this is not news but Gossip.... Edeson be more professional please

Priceless Precious Alli

pmb just came to cause war in this country seriously this brainless president has really nothing positive to offered Nigeria.

Emmanuel Ritus

having a tyrant as a president is the greatest mistake in this country. wike shall be victorious cox, Nigerians can't be beaten twice.

Clinton Chidi

Endy Edeson you are a blatant liar. The Executive Governor will never shed tears knowing fully well that it is ploy to make Rivers State ungovernable. Moreover his wife is not with him in Abuja but here in Port Harcourt. We were already aware of their plans. The Legal Team of His Excellency are on their way to the Supreme Court, so we don't see it as a setback. PDP is fully prepared for a re run and we will show the world that the State is PDP and vice versa. My only problem with the whole thing is that Judiciary is been undermined and nobody is saying anything. The same Court of Appeal in Abuja giving different verdicts on the issue of Card Reader. ‪#‎thereisGodoooo‬!

Viceroy Marquez Hrf

This place is "anti-buhari" both the journalist n his audience .

Aye Iruayenama

He has wept secretly to his Almighty God who has all the power and God will answer him openly.
He cannot weep before God and end up in shame.NO WAY

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