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Monday, 7 December 2015

MASSOB to BIM: Chief Ralph Uwazurike's Rebranding, A Waste or Strategic Move for the Biafrans

Edeson Online News learnt from reliable sources that Some Nigerian football fans were on Saturday last week kicked out from a football stadium in Senegal for displaying Biafran flags.The Biafran agitators were embarrassed and kicked out of the stadium when they displayed a secessionist Biafran flag during a football match between Nigeria and Algeria in the ongoing U-23 Africa Cup of Nations holding in Dakar, Senegal.

Edeson Online News gathered that the Senegalese football authority ordered security officials to tear the Biafran flags and posters and expelling the supporters involved. The Senegalese football association officials considered the display of the Biafran flags as “a militant act”.
The Senegalse football authority action on the Biafran agitators is a clear indication that Pro-Biafran protestants do not really know what they exactly want and do not know who, where and how to channel their grievances to.
Despite all the futile attempt by this minority group, a strong supporter of the group, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, who is the leader of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, has in a surprise move, announced a new name, for the group. The Group is now called Biafra Independent Movement, BIM. Uwairuike announced the name change yesterday in a press conference in Owerri. He pointed out that the name change was to rebrand the group as many people perceive MASSOB as a terrorist group, BIM is better.
Uwazuike revealed that he is not in alignment with Radio Biafra director, Nnamdi Kanu because Nnamdi isn't portraying good image of Biafrans through his hate broadcast, calling Nigeria a Zoo and fueling the mind of gullible Igbo youths to embrace crime. He also revealed how he set up radio biafra in 1987, appointed Nnamdi Kanu as director of the station but sacked him when he started broadcasting hate messages.
Against this backdrop, it is right to say that all the Biafran groups are not standing under the same umbrella. The MASSOB/BIM and IPOB are not in good terms. What would become of the Biafran State if they eventually get sovereignty? One thing the Igbo youths should know is that the actualization of Biafra won't transform Igboland to paradise. There will still be leadership crisis, more groups will emerge to claim majority.
Ladies and gentle, lovers of Edeson Online News, Don't you think IPOB and MASSOB or BIM should stop this age-long futile quest of Biafra sovereignty? They are better off part of Nigeria. Even as Chief Uwazuirike re-branded MASSOB to BIM, does it make any difference, knowing the fact that what they stand for is not for good of the Nigerian NATION. 

>> Uwazurike's Rebranding, A Waste or Strategic Move for the Biafrans ?

Written by: Endy Edeson


Omolola Idowu and 2 others like this.

Obiakor Azubike Micheal

Uwazurike is punch of crap and a liar, charlatan, sycophant and very bigotry, he is still using biafra project to enrich himself, decieving okada diver, motor diver, and so many unskill labourer in massob, they donating money very week, and very month, i knew how many live of massob who wasted in ignornat way,. . . . . . . . . . Uwazurike who is alway in confab with federal government, collecting money and enriching himself. Mr kanu present orthodox creat awerness world wide, why should this old bigotry nuisance fool be jealous.

Raji Joseph Oluwadamilare

@Endy,i really think this Biafra thing is the height of foolishness... If and only if they gain independence as they hope,do they think they would last? Two points i would like to fish out 1. The land they wanna claim is on the Nigerian soil,are they planning on getting away with our land,i guess thats a joke,they better go get their land cos the Nigerian map won't be changed bcos of them. 2. Talking about security,upkeeping etc,can they survive,they won't be able to build alliance with Nigeria which in turns can make other W.African countries against them... Imagine if terrorist groups like B.Haram attackes them,Biafra is so gone. Do they think the resources they have would last? Foolishness at its peak

Endy Edeson

@raji: you are on point: the lives of the Igbos in other part of Nigeria will be hard because they will be required to have complete papers to live in Nigeria. Some of them will be deported back to Igbolands.I am begging and i will continue to beg my Igbo friends on this forum to say no to Biafra. it's for our own good

Bennard Ahupa

Don't call it waste of time broda

Raji Joseph Oluwadamilare

yh @Endy,did i see you type IGBO LAND,i guess you meant NIGERIAN land occupied by IGBO's

Oogunyemi Holuwartaryo Emmy Horladeeplenty

Who cares about that. Abeg tell me something else bro

Sunny Raymond Okechukwu

I dont rily care about this 9ja or biafra stuff but RAJI respect urslf dont be STUPID the IGBO pple ocupied the east b4 1914 which nigeria came into existence!. Watch how u run ur big mouth bro. @RAJI JOSEPH

Bennard Ahupa

Raji or what ever is ur name! Don't call people foolish because you don't believe in what they believe in.

Nwigwe Chinweikpe

Mr Endy shut up cus you wrote lyk an illiterate and make no sense

Romeo Hunter Nonny

@Raji Joseph ...I doubt if you ever attended any citadel of learning in your life
....Biafra issue is a sensitive one, that even the president fails to talk
...you better mind how you right rubbish on social media , most Ibos don't support this Biafra thing but yet they won't have you talk trash about what their ancestors died for
....better be warned
that's all I can tell u for now

Ayodele Samuel-Joy

well, this is one of the few posts of Endy that is baised free and unsentimental.

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