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Sunday, 6 December 2015

CURRENT AFFAIRS: Instead of Preserving the Dead Lion, They are Eating it Now in Plateua State

Remember the lion which escaped on Wednesday this week from a wild life park in Jos, Plateau State, that was killed. Edeson Online News gathered that the body of the lion would be taken to the National Veterinary Research Institute, Vom, Jos south Local Government Area the state, for preservation. Though, the lion didn't harm anyone when it escaped.

Surprisingly, Edeson Online News has learnt that the lion which was supposed to be taken to National Veterinary Research Institute, for preservation is currently being used as MEAT. We got a photo of men cutting the lion into pieces for a delicious meal.


2 people like this.

Jeremiah Owolabi

The lion dey eat flesh nah, so we sef wan taste its own flesh too...😋

Endy Edeson

eze what language is that

Edwin Scott

Assuming I stay around that side I will like to eat the meat also.

Abubakar S Umar

Oboi I no go go near ram wallahi ,I know for sure if he wake's up wahala go de

Endy Edeson

@edwin: it's sure a rare meat.

Edwin Scott

Yes that's why I will like to eat it.

Olawale Okusanya Albert

Lool...is not really making sense for sum1 to eat lion.

Eze Solomon Emeka

One of Nigerian languages I don't know

Endy Edeson

@EZE: FUNNY YOU. that means you are speaking in tongues because of lion's meat. @albert: you mean you won't eat lion meat even if you are starving or you are very hungry without money or food

Olawale Okusanya Albert

@endy I can never eat it.

Eze Solomon Emeka

The lion supposed to be used for something that will bring money, we have enough cows, goats and rams.

Olawale Okusanya Albert

@eze true talk!

Nwigwe Chinweikpe

pls this jst shows that people are really hungry, remember the case of the contaminated frozen chicken i

Agada Damian Gentle

what do u expect when the month ends and no salary. serious hunger dey guys enjoy ur lion.

Alvarez Ugochukwu

Hmmmm... Tufiakwa some tribes.

Fe Ajibike Halita-rai Mamfa

It's stupidity n selfishness of the highest order. we keep reading people's research n boast we r intelligent when we r not. instead of preserving the poor thing that has been our amusement for younger generations to c,we r busy eating our future. 3 wrong things at ones. the sin of allowing it escape,the killing it n now the eating it.

Monday Onoja

Hahahaha, I no fit laugh again. Let them eat it the lion is dead

Eze Solomon Emeka

Killing and eating a lion is not a sin o, but it can be preserved for economic and historical value.

Stoik Promise

i wish am there to collect my own share do you know the honour in eating lions meat??

Adebayo Michael Oluwaseun

preserve indeed.dis one has already gone if they need to preserved. dem know how to get it.

Adebayo Michael Oluwaseun

endy pls I nid my own lion share .

Smart Hugoris Dcool

no time guyz.... c chaoooow!! i miss gaaaan

Sikirat Victoria

9ja sef.

Holuwhasheun Praise O'neal

God catch day lion, him brothers and sisters Don dey harm human being before. Eddy how will I get my share from d National meat

Zack R Onyanameh

Lol @ National meat. I expected dm to recapture it wt a tranquilizer nt d oda way round wt a bullet!! If Nigerians can exhume contaminated chicken wht more of a freshly killed lion?

Endy Edeson

@all: anyone who wants a piece of the lion meat should contact me. I got my own share of the meat and i have since been enjoying it with egusi soup. ‪#‎JustKidding‬

Adebayo Michael Oluwaseun

there's more to it than wot ppu tink, only ajebutter won't understand.

Innocent Itodo

I want my lion's share

Michael Makwela Snr

Lol, made in Nija smile emoticon

Lucky Hosea

How i wish am there, would have been an honour eating a lion meat

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