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Saturday, 19 December 2015

CRIME NEWS: The Freedom of Nnamdi Kanu is not Worth the Life of any Biafran

It is no longer news that Director of Radio Biafra, Mr. Nnamdi Kanu was ordered to be released from the custody of the Department of State Service on Thursday by Federal High Court But what Nigerians don't talk about is the number of people / Biafrans who have died due to the Nnamdi Kanu's syndrome. On Thursday five Biafrans were killed while celebrating Nnamdi Kanu's court order when the Biafrans clashed with security men. Edeson Online News learnt from the SUN that the Biafran members were
asked to stop their march towards the River Niger Bridge, but the group insisted and continued, an action that led to the fracas and shootings, 5 Biafrans were killed by stray bullet.
I want to use this platform to urge Biafrans to be loyal in their quest. The BIG Question is: Is the life of Nnamdi Kanu greater than that of the 5 Biafrans that perished on the day he was was ordered to be released and other Biafrans that died while fighting for his course?. Please think wisely, Nnamdi Kanu will be a free man but family, friends and love ones of the departed Biafran souls are still bereaved. It wouldn't be out of place if i say that Nnamdi Kanu don't even know the people that are dying for him all in the name of Biafra.
What if Nnamdi Kanu secretly surrendered to Federal Government of Nigeria and asked to be released. THINK ABOUT IT. Once again, The Freedom of Nnamdi Kanu is not worth the life of any Biafran.
WRITTEN BY: Endy Edeson


Emmanuel Benson and 4 others like this.

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

You can't cure stupid

Faith Faith

Big time stupid, I say .. There's no cure

Nwigwe Chinweikpe

for your information Director Nnamdi Kanu is still in dss costudy

Oogunyemi Holuwartaryo Emmy Horladeeplenty

Stupidity of the highest order

Okpos Tega Marvelous

Mr adviser wat are u insinuating

Prince Golden Igweka

Backstabbing idiots! Brown envelope and gutter journalist! Haters of Biafra! @ Edeson

Oogunyemi Holuwartaryo Emmy Horladeeplenty

It is a pity when some people don't reasoning again with their brain.

Gaby Drealit

@endy what do u mean by clash?Nigeria is a lawless country,how can d security of a country made to b protecting it citizens turn against dem,armless ppl were celebrating n u open fire on dem,wat do u call dat?how can any individual be above d law?did u known till now as i am righting dis Namudi kanu ve not been released,after d federal high court order dat he should be release unconditionally,buhari n DSS ignored d court order, so tell me where in dis zoo can some one get justice,are they not pushing d biafrans to violence?eh!eh!!eh!!! wat am saying now is dat when it will start nobody should call us terrorist oo.

Okpos Tega Marvelous

Am not a biafran......but guy u fuck on dis one big time,,,,,omo u are bias@endy

Jeremiah Ademolu

Nice one

Pst Harrison Nnamdi Omenka

Point of correction @ poster; Mazi Prince Nnamdi Kanu is fighting for Biafra, and those who died died for Biafra. People ask why didn't IPOB do this during GEJ tenure? The answer remains, the struggle has been on even before GEJ became President. I remember as far back as 2001- 2004 when through SW (Short Wave) I use to listen to Radio Biafra and Voice of America (VOA). It only became intense now with the help of the massive Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba rigging of the 2015 Presidential election, and calling it a free and fair election simply because APC won. One thing is certain, and that is BIAFRA will be realised on day. Take note.

Endy Edeson

@GABY: am not in support of what the army did. It's a complete violation of the constitution. haven said that, Obedience they say is better than sacrifice

Anayo Peter Ekwonna

Endy if you don't know what to say pls keep calm abeg

Pst Harrison Nnamdi Omenka

Nigeria is too lawless that even lawyers and the law doesn't believe in anything called LAW as long as it's Nigerian law.

Okpos Tega Marvelous

Obedience as hw.........dat dey should not talk or sing wen dey are protesting or wat

Pst Harrison Nnamdi Omenka

Atimes I even think there is no law in Nigeria.

Njoku Onyekachi

All we want is our Biafra! Did we ask for ur nigeria?????

Prog Da-Lars

Pst Harrison Nnamdi Omenka may you too die for biafra very soon.

Emmanuel Chukwudozie Iwobi

That guy, just came out from psychiatric. I know him very, the late father and mother, got divorce, when the mother got his pregnant, from one their neighbours. Those days. Pls ignore his stupidity!!!

Bekere Becky Afaka

endy why call them biafrans? they are still Nigerians

Bekere Becky Afaka

these young men blood dey hot,old men dey calm because them see d civil war n dem no wan see am twice

Bekere Becky Afaka

ow old is d KANU man? he never see war for him life

Chimmy Ellis Udoye

Eddy please post something reasonable, there was no clash but attack from the monkeys of the zoo, do you Nigerians even care about people's life, Nigeria is known to be murderers, I hope you didn't write this scrap to be applauded? Those people that died in that struggle are worth than living corpses in your so called nigeria, please jubilation does it have anything to do with attack? Please nigerians learn to be truthful

Ella Tella

One thing... Journalists broadcast news the way it is, they don't share their sentimental opinion on a matter. For the record Mr..... You ain't a true journalist. Go find your talent, its never late. peace.

Chimmy Ellis Udoye

Biafra has been since 1989 and what they're doing is legitimate so why the attack from the monkeys, baseless and lawless nation zoogeria

Chimmy Ellis Udoye

Biafra is legitimate and it must come so that them will keep shut, this time UN ask Nigeria to conduct referendum bokohari said he need some time so he can search for oil in the North, you hate me still you want me to stay with you because of what you benefit from me@ endy how many international airport in south south and south east? how many seaports? And we are one nigeria Kitikpa ghu kwaa unu anya one nigeria

DjAblongo Darey Blaq

dumb comments.....

Endy Edeson

@ella: come on, what are you talking about?. You should know that this post is my "EDITORIAL OPINION" . Not every news posts must obey stringent journalism rules, even radio station, TV stations and Newspapers sometimes violates stringent journalism rules to make their points. besides, i did not and i don't violate journalism rules on my posts. They are fact-file and logical

Bekere Becky Afaka

chimmy Ellis udoye what did I do or say to you that made u insult me? you have 5 minutes to answer before I start season 2 with u. first to insult no dey pain. @ endy pls block people who insult others in their comment box. what did I do to this chummy or is it shimmy

Bekere Becky Afaka

OK time up! shimmy udoye Elllis

Endy Edeson

@becky: no need, it's a public forum. everyone is entiled to his or her opinion. most commenters even insult me but i welcome every comment. blocking only comes in if someone keeps insulting you even when you know you didn't do wrong to the person

Bekere Becky Afaka

endy I hate insults .I fire back.so its not better. pls do something.I blocked d clown but there will be more

Emmanuel Chukwudozie Iwobi

As many that does not want Biafra to come, just wait and see!!! You hear right.

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