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Thursday, 24 December 2015

BIAFRA UPDATES: What a Pity! Nnamdi Kanu to Spend Christmas Day in Prison

At a time when we all think IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu was about breathing fresh air out of DSS custody, the 'DIE-HARD BIAFRA SOLDIER' is still facing more troubles for a course he believes will liberate the people of Biafra. According to information at Edeson Online News disposal, Nnamdi will be served Christmas rice in prison as Federal Government of Nigeria has slammed him with fresh charges after he was ordered to
be released unconditionally by Federal High Court, Abuja on December 17,2015.
Nnamdi Kanu is facing new six-count charges of treasonable felony, maintaining an unlawful society and illegal possession of items, among others.
The allegations, the charges said, contain offences punishable under sections 41 (C), and 63 of the criminal code act; as well as section 47(2) (a) of the Customs and Excise Management Act.
Nnamdi Kanu may surrender to Nigerian government when the iron is too hot for him to handle. The Buhari-Led government has vowed to wipe out every form of rascality in Nigeria,
It's 2 days to Christmas, Nnamdi Kanu is still in Department of State Security Service (DSS) custody, this means that the Biafra Hero will be served Christmas Rice in prison.
He may be released next year.


Henry Okoronkwo and 4 others like this.

Sebastine Ejiofor Uroko

It does not matter if he celebrate it in prison.that is all about freedom fighting. He[nnamdi kanu]knows all d rules and he is well prepared for d task b/c nothing good comes easy.and we d biafrans are solidly behind himeve chukwu okike abiama is with him.

Endy Edeson

@uroko: it's obvious FG wants to bring him to book so that others can learn.

Sebastine Ejiofor Uroko

Others Learn what?one thing u and ur federal govt does not know is that d agitation for biafra can never stop until it is actualised.even if nnamdi kanu die there or bow out for d agitation,many many more biafrans will sprupt out one day.so chill and mind ur journalist work.

Gaby Drealit

"He who fetched firewood ant should not be surprised when d cockroaches came visiting" d war d zoo is looking for will settling consume dem,one thing is sure Biafra must be restored, either they like it or not, known dat millions of biafrans dat is ready to take up from Namudi kanu are waiting by watching d zoo,because Namudi kanu is a gentle man abi,i bet u ppl d next one will be dangerous to handle, he alishi Mayhem's on dis zoo,u ppl haven't seen anything yet. All hail Biafra.

Nwigwe Chinweikpe

Director Nnamdi Kanu will never do that,BIAFRA as an Idealogy will never be defeated, kill all of us, Biafra all the way,Biafra we hail thee.

Obiakor Azubike Micheal

Federial govt charges are childish. The whole things have turn to childish nonsense am ashamed of being a nigeria. Their jurisdiction is totally nonsense.

Kelly Murphy

Endy if not that you are a journalist i for send you exile,somebody fighting for freedom is it rascality, why can't you Yoruba and Hausa people leave igbo alone,whats all this we dont need Nigeria again is it by force to marry, we need a divorce

Kingsley Giadom Massimo

rice in prison it doesn't matter go and ask madela how many Christmas he spent in prison

Chy Ney Duu

Dis endy guy hates ibos morethan salt hates water,endy put a stop to ur ethnicity

Gaby Drealit

Wat do u expect from a coward yoruber man,dat can't stand their ground.
Like · 5 · Reply · Delete · Report · Yesterday at 01:43

Njoku Onyekachi

Endy to u itz a taboo abi????? Hahahahhaahahahah! You will soon understand why we collectively made him our ‪#‎president‬! Freedom is not easy! So close ur dirty mouth on issues u dnt kw dia nitty gritty

Jude Iden Idebaneria

Good for him. We need peace, love and unity not hatred against a particular religion.

Eze Solomon Emeka

Religion? Chai! There's God o!

Ayoola Oni

I wonder why people dnt think before acting or talking.. BIAFRA OR NIGERIA, AFRICA is a third world country do you think if u gain your will u be better than Nigeria?

Eze Solomon Emeka

Let them get it fist, God created one world.

Adegbite Ade Pepie

just bcos is a fool and not wise

Eze Solomon Emeka

A fool is better known by speech and not action

Omolayo Abiodun Lukas

even Mandela slept in prison at many Christmas and was an Hero.

Chibestọ Usher Ọnyenemezụ

no nation in history has gotten dia freedom on a platter f gold

Wass Demo

Hmnmmmmmmmmmmm Bros please post this story again in capital letters

Adebayo Michael Oluwaseun

nay b d man story would b like of nelson Mandela.I guess so.

Prince Oluwajuwonlo Adeoti

i appreciate this man sagacity and effort towards biafra a reallity ,,but the painful part of it is that this struggle is not been support by the top and influential igbos in nigeria,,the whole struggle is being spareheaded by an ordinary igbo man on the street ..while the senior men are sharing the money at top....i know smday smhow biafra will become a reallity ..!!!

Prince Oluwajuwonlo Adeoti

biafra is realisable but igbos races should protest and speak in one voice

Young Agu Esteem

One Nigeria for now. Nnamdi Kanu is a Traitor.

Chimezie Nwaigwe

poster ur a big fool,Nnamdi kanu is now a hero in igbo weither u lik it or not biafra must surely come onye ara

DjAblongo Darey Blaq

lolz.....he dey mumu himself, using biafra to gain popularity n make money underneath

Kelly Murphy


DjAblongo Darey Blaq

lmao......dey mumu yahsef, biafra ko, uganda nii....Naija remains one biko *tongueout*

Kelly Murphy

is it by force to be with you zoooooo

Duan Joshua Pipshid


Makuochukwu Ogochukwu Onyekachukwu Ezenwugo

Endy Edeson , the purpose of me being on this page is I believed you opened this page as a news platform.... But I can vividly see that you don't want to do your joujournalism professionally rather bias, hatred and sentiment fill your reportage especially when it's about a particular set of people or region in this country...

I'm a man of honor and I don't celebrate nonsense...

I regret the day I liked this page after you sent me the invitation...

I have stomached many unprofessional reportages of yours hoping that you will turn a new leaf but it seems like it goes from bad to worse as day goes by....

May I tell you the truth: I regret being on this page.

Bye for life

Abuchi Festus

zoon allow us to go in peace or

Onuh Jude

The admin of dis page is nothing but an ordained liar nd Buhari worshiper who cannot divide Sunday from d week.....an article of no commercial value

Innocent Ogadima Ezike

@endy edeson..you are now missing it. . You are out of the tack . But is okay,I understand you...am losing my respect for you..

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