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Monday, 3 August 2015

CRIME NEWS: Cameroon Deports 2000 Nigerians After Buhari’s visit

Two thousand Nigerians living in Cameroon without permits have been thrown out of the country. The Nigerians were arrested on Thursday in Kousseri, northern Cameroon and loaded into many trucks, then driven across the border into Nigeria.The raid against Nigerians was carried out the same day President Muhammadu Buhari and Cameroon’s Paul Biya, pledged to work together to crush the six-year Boko Haram insurgency which has killed thousands, and spread to neighbouring countries.

A local administrator in Kousseri said the raid was part of measures aimed at improving security and controlling movements along the border region.

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Che Kingsley Okeke and 3 others like this.

Kingsley Obiegbu

What plans does the president have for the returnees? Has he considered the social impacts they will constitute to society if they not provided all that is needed to stablize within? How does he tend to ensure that they are reinstate or integrate fully into the society? I so wish this will not lead to anoda unabated crisis. A joint military and security committee should be set up to device or modalities to curb the insurgency and nothing resettling people when the economy has not fully picked to creating soft landing for all.

John Asukwo

That is the result of a brain dead sole administrator. What else can Nigerians say? He promised to crush the insurgents in 4weeks; to make fuel price equal 40naira per litre; to make 1naira equal to 1dollar; provide free meals everyday; pay 5000 to every poor Nigerian monthly; and tackle corruption head on: now, is this deportation part of the change promised?
Nigerians are doomed with this brainlessness.

Osahon Lucky Ayomi

Another stupid post again, did ur uncle do that for 6years? Give him time the way u gave ur uncle who has all the PHD's of this world yet he failed

John Asukwo

And did my uncle promise to do it with the speed of light? Even if you give that illiterate a century, he won't do better than he's doing in freeing the bh suspects.

Osahon Lucky Ayomi

We already saw the end of ur uncle, take a deep breath and let wait and see d end of this one too.

John Asukwo

The end? He ended gloriously, respecting the sportmanship of statesmanship even on the international sphere. This one is feared to end shamelessly.
Is freeing of 200 BH members a way of fighting insurgency? The end is already here, because nigerians will soon wave a tone of revolt against this sole dictatorial tyrant called Boo.

Osahon Lucky Ayomi

Bad bele, sorry Buhari is d president

John Asukwo

Buhari being the president doesn't change anything. Does it? What new plan has Buhari showed Nigerians since sworn in? How does he intend to curb the economic, social, ethnic/regional, security challenges we are facing?
Naira is close to 300 to 1dollar. Was that his promise? BH has killed over 1000 innocent Nigerians under his watch. The economy is falling. He's busy taking credit for the refineries Jonathan repaired and other things. What blueprint has he showed Nigerians as a wayout?
I'm sure AU will soon come for a bailout just like EU did for Greece. Fuel price is almost 150naira. Is this the person that can save Nigeria? Amaechi stole Rivers money to fun 80% of APC campaign for elections, yet he isn't probed by Buhari. Is this how he intends to fight corruption?
Buhari singled out Jonathan's government for a probe, was Obj not corrupt?
What the hell is happening? Are we ready for the change and to change?
Leave ethnic politics out of it and let's discuss with national focus. Is Buhari the real messiah?

Kachy Emmanuel

If son of fisherman, a proper civilian without any military experience, a man from Otuoke can handle Bokoharam and chase them away to the neighbouring countries without any amnesty or dialogue with Bokoharam, I think General M. Buhari should do far more better than the man from Otuoke. ‪#‎Nigeria_Macopolo‬ always good in travelling.

Micheal Callistus

Come on Admin...there weren't deported,they were portrated and it hapnd 2 to 3 days b4 Buhari's visit

Micheal Callistus

Also knw that those pple aren't even up 2 500pple talkles of 2000.if they should do so by unknownly(2000 pple) their economy wil fall

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