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Sunday, 5 July 2015

POLITICS: President Buhari to Negotiate with Boko Haram to End Terror Attack

The Federal Government has said that it is open to negotiations with the Boko Haram sect in order to find a lasting solution to the security crisis in the country, if the group is willing. This was disclosed by the Special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, on Friday, in an interview with the BBC. In the interview, which was monitored by our correspondent, Adesina said the Federal Government was not ruling out negotiations with the sect if it would put an end to the activities of the group. He lamented that the insurgents had attacked so many villages and killed scores of people.

“These were very vicious attacks. People were killed in scores and it’s so sad,” he said.

The President had during his inauguration speech said he had launched a strategy to deal with the sect by relocating the military headquarters to Maiduguri, Borno State.

When asked whether this would work, Adesina replied, “This is going to work. There are machineries being put in place. It’s going to work. The recent killings by the sect were meant to break our resolve, to weaken it, but that will stop. It remains a priority to him (Buhari) to deal with the group.

“You will notice that his first two weeks of administration were dedicated to tackling the insurgency. He visited Chad and Niger Republics and the following week, the Presidents of those countries also visited him in Abuja.

“The President of Benin Republic and the Defence Minister of Cameroon visited him; machinery is being put in place and once we’re through, we will see the end of the group. The target time for the deployment of the multinational force is July ending; that is in a couple of weeks.”

When the BBC also asked if the Federal Government was considering negotiations with the insurgent group, Adesina replied in the affirmative.

He said, “If they are willing, why not? You know attempts have been made for negotiations in the past and they didn’t work. Every reasonable person would want to see the end to this insurgency. So if they are willing, why not? You can’t rule that out.”

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Smith Abiye

Baba Go Slow. Lol

Alvarez Ugochukwu

The Nigerian Government Don't Negotiate With Terrorists.. Baba Go Slow y?

Gideon Bigtyme Lordgee

Dis guy should becareful ooo

Bekere Becky Afaka

this guy is not thinking!

Yvonne Onaibe

Jonathan's government wanted to do same thing,,,but they were against it

This life ehn

Auxel Celestyn

Lols, ppl desperate for Power, still fresh in my mind When Buhari told Jonathan dat He is killing northerners all in d Name of terrorism in 2009 , At dat Time many ppl supported Buhari's observation , Johnathan led Govt had to slow it down, before we knew it, Boko Haram gained momentum and spread to entire NorthEast , killing Nigerians like flies. The table turned Again, here Comes Buhari with No different tactics to tackle insurgency , He is Runing from Chad to Niger, Cameroon to Benin, USA to West Germany seeking help from ppl who Are even in need of more help than Nigeria. time will tell, Same Cup he Used to measure to someone, dat same cup would be Use to measure for Him. kama is a bitch.

Mercy Dan

wishing pmb what he wished GEJ...

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

STUPID. STUPID. STUPID. STUPID. STUPID. STUPID. You only come to the table with terrorists when you've crushed them. You do that to show strength and that you can let bygones go. But with a clear message you won't hesitate to clean them up should you get any funny feeling they're trying to re-group. Most nations have negotiated with terrorists at one point but in error. You should only do that when you're having an upper hand. Did i forget to say STUPID?

Auxel Celestyn

Its a very clear indication that the Govt is WEAK if Dialogue With Terrists is the option.

You can lie to your FaitFOOLS that You Not Gonna Use Tax Payers money to pay Boko Haram to stop terror, funny Dat I see it As An Incentive, Bombing Allowances And Bonus for Destroying Nigerians jux for You to make a way To Aso Rock.


Ehiagwina Noredia

Lolz,me dey watch in 3D,negotiate wit terrorist,okooo baba go slow

Chijim Larahover Ogbuka

What ever but if he wants to grant them Amnesty he must make sure is not from our oil money ,it has to be from their cow and carrot money metchwwwMMmm

Dosomething Fatherfather

I m trying to figure out wt d nature of dis negotiation ll look lik. Boko haram may say: we need 200girl every 2months.& Bokohari ll say: that z 2much I (baba) propose 100gurls every month . z did wt day intend 2 negociat?

Salako Stephen

thank God change has to Nig

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