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Friday, 26 June 2015

CRIME NEWS: Car Wash Boy Drives Customer’s SUV Recklessly, Destroys it

According to the story, a man dropped his SUV at a car wash in Abuja for it be washed and left. And by the time he came back, the car had been practically destroyed. According to what happened, when the boys at the car wash heard that some FCT environmental taskforce were coming to the area, one of the boys jumped into the SUV and tried to drive the car away so it doesn't get seized by taskforce officials. But instead of moving the car, the inexperienced driver lost control of the SUV and smashed it into a fence. Above is how the car owner met his car when he returned to pick it up. I can't imagine how he would have felt. 


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Eddyjoe Benson and 2 others like this.

Yvonne Onaibe

Heard the news

Didn't even know what to say

Endy Edeson

yvonne goodmorning. it's like a nightmare to the owner

Osakwe Godwin

the owner of the wash is in deep sh*t! lol

Conrad Agbebaku

You dont sign any document of indemnity for a scratched or damaged vehicle wit car wash.Truth be told its a big negligence to leave ur vehicle without been there.

Azeez Adekoya Falcon

@conrad good point. buh the owner of d car wash is in big problem

Jehoha Dacoolboy Angelben

‪#‎davido‬ saw diz nd hala ‪#‎gobe‬ ‪#‎mama_patience‬ saw diz nd screamd "chai dere's God oooo.....@Gmb said datz more reason y we nid change

Eze Solomon Emeka

The owner of the car wash isn't in any problem.

Ommyl Ibukun

lmao....water don pass garri ooooo!

Stànléy O Ehíbôr

fela' double wahala

Henry Lochuks Okeke

Nobody is talking about the poor driver! hope he didn't sustain much injuries?

Godwin Epu

Indeed @ Henry.

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