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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

2016 AMERICA ELECTION: Dynasty 'Looms' in America as JEB BUSH Declares for 2016 Presidency

Jeb Bush, a son and brother of presidents, formally declared a White House candidacy of his own yesterday June 15, 2015. His father George Bush Snr and his elder brother George Bush Jnr were American presidents under Republican Party. Jeb Bush was a former governor of Florida. He portrays himself as the most accomplished leader in the 2016 field, vowing to wage war on Washington’s political culture and insisting that his family name gave him no unique claim to the Oval Office. He presents the latest incarnation of a tired dynasty and thinks himself entitled to the Republican nomination.

“Not a one of us deserves the job by right of résumé, party, seniority, family or family narrative,” he told a crowd of 3,000 supporters in a community college’s gymnasium. “It’s nobody’s turn. It’s everybody’s test.”

He went after Hillary Clinton — who contends with her own issues of dynastic privilege as she seeks the Democratic nomination — by name, mocking her “no-suspense primary” and warning that “the presidency should not be passed on from one liberal to the next.”

News Edited by ENDY EDESON.


Why can't these families, The Clintons & The Bush leave America alone, even if they are "Over qualified" for the position, they should give way for others. I stand to be strongly criticized. 

YOUR VIEW: Please let me know your view on this issue.



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