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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

CHIBOK 1YEAR ANNIVERSARY: BUHARI Stutters: SAYS “I Can't Promise My Government Will Find Missing Chibok Girls”

President-elect, Gen Muhammadu Buhari says his incoming government cannot promise the return of missing Chibok girls but that they would do everything within their power to secure their return. He said this in a statement he released today April 13th to commemorate one year of the girls' abduction. The statement below... Today is a time to reflect on the pain and suffering of the victims, their friends and families. Our thoughts and prayers, and that of the whole Nigerian Nation, are with you today. I want to assure all of them, and particularly the parents, that when my new Administration takes office at the end of May, we will do everything we can to defeat Boko Haram. We will act differently from the Government we replace: we hear the anguish of our citizens and intend to respond accordingly.

This new approach must also begin with honesty. We do not know if the Chibok girls can be rescued. Their whereabouts remain unknown. As much as I wish to, I cannot promise that we can find them. But I say to every parent, family member and friend of the children that my Government will do everything in its power to bring them home. What I can pledge, with absolute certainty, is that starting on the first day of my Administration Boko Haram will know the strength of our collective will and commitment to rid this nation of terror, and bring back peace and normalcy to all the affected areas. Boko Haram” means “Western Education is Sinful”. When they are defeated militarily, as they will be, we will ensure our citizens in the affected areas have improved educational opportunities as a direct counterbalance to Boko Haram’s twisted ideology. 

In particular we will educate ever more young girls ensuring they are empowered as citizens of Nigeria. Let us use this anniversary to remind each other that the attack on Chibok was an attack on the dreams and aspirations of our young people. We stand united in our pledge to resist terror in Nigeria– not just through military means but also through the power of opportunity and the hope of a better future for all”.

Ofoegbu ObinnaBussy Duro and 3 others like this.

Mercy Dan

Change number one. Counting mode activated

Godwin Epu

Is pity..

Mbah Cynthia Nkeiruka

ololololooo matters arising"winks"..

Sylvia Odinamadu Mbaezue

I thought he said ........... comment still loading.

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey

d west and American govts together with d North used d chibok girls as a political game to remove Jonathan. after swearing in Buhari we shall hear that d girls have been released. America and d West have lately picked deep intetests in Nigeria. d gay rights are coming to town!

Gideon Bigtyme Lordgee

Say mumu mmmmmmm promise n fail

Jessica Omo

Nigeria, dont worry, he'l bring dem out from where he kept dem, at least he has wat he wanted now..,

Vivian Baseey

Rubbish he better bring dem back him and his other counterpart may God help him

Yusuf Abba

Chibok Girls. Den Be Jonathan Ashawo.

Awele Nwaoligidi E

Can u imagine this man after Nigerian have voted for him!

Elee Jr Makevelli Christian

Lool,buhari na our turn to destroy pipe lines,as u did jonathan with bokoharam ‪#‎naijadeltians_warriors‬

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