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Thursday, 19 March 2015

CURRENT AFFAIRS: Airport Cleaner Gets N7, 200 Increments In Salary For Returning N12m

Josephine Ugwu, a National Diploma graduate of Our Saviour Institute of Science, Agriculture and Technology, Enugu, who works for Patovilki Cleaning Services, a company engaged by FAAN to keep Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos clean, has been rewarded with a sum of N7,200 salary increment. Ugwu who earns N7,800 before now earns N15,000. However her colleagues who spoke on her behalf have said it is a big shame that the Government heard about her noble gesture and ignored it instead of rewarding her bountifully to encourage other Nigerians to be honest.

According to a colleague some people have called her a fool for returning the N12m she found in local and foreign currencies to the owner, and now it looks like she really acted foolishly because she got no reward per say, a colleague said. 


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Gideon Bigtyme Lordgee

God we reward her.

Yvonne Onaibe

This country ehn

Rec Gòşpéllér Eniolorunda

its not abt reward but sincerity. God will note dat in her account. we dont always do good to get reward from men.

Nungtso Rimamsikwe

Her reward is in heaven with him dat rewards d sincerity of man nd remember u don't do d right thing to get cheap popularity of men. Just keep doing good

Ige James Babatope

That's one of the tantamount problems we face in this country. If she stole an amount that worth that, she would have rotten in jail. It's our mentality right from individual homes not to reinforce or appreciate loyality. If a child stole a pieces of meat, he will be given severe beaten but if he does good little or no reward is given to encourage continuity. That's the problem we face from each home to the top. The corrupt are rewarded the most!

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey

i think d caption of poor reward or pitiful reward is not proper. we should thank God for d young persin who God touched to return d money. we should thank d authority for d reward. before long there will be miracles. let us not always look at material and physical rewards. peace of mind has no comparison

Nwankwo Perfectblend Uzoma

God punish dat devil wey go mk me return 12 miller n gt tashere reward fo ma salary....

Nde Ripiye Abiodun

This is about values and not monetary reward. I commend her . We Nigerians always want instant gratification . She may not get it now but this can open many doors for in the future . Wishing her the very best

Paul Ubachukwu Osondu

Uzoma, easy oh. Haha

Prince Moses

c me. see 12,000,000 naira. na only God know wetin i fit do

Nwankwo Perfectblend Uzoma

Paul d d tin jst dy vex me o...

Yisa Azeez Eleniyo

All of u shouting her reward is in heaven,can u return 5 thousand naira?

Lastbabystanding Vikthoriah Bholuwhatife

@yisa, i love your comment pa..... i see 1million sef..... i no go return am....

Awl Adamu

me even 100k i no go return o..if i papa hear am him go disown me sef.

Yisa Azeez Eleniyo

No mind me o,only say I never see who go heaven come back ni o..na dis world money sweet to spend o

Richard Akon

news wey we don read since last two week na now u d copy n paste..

Bekere Becky Afaka

God will reward her! pls kind lady ,don't be discouraged! keep doing good

Endy Edeson

@richard akon: Mr. Man, if you don't like my page. kindly block me. nobody is begging you to read outdated or fake news. if you don't block me now , if i see any demeaning comment from you again. i will block you. You are fond of commenting rubbish when commenting on my posts. are you more CURRENT and INTELLIGENT than the people that commented on this post? This is a TRENDING STORY. you should go back to your books to understand what TRENDING NEWS means.

Frank Ohagwam

The reward is ok.

Tivlumun Kevin Jnr

Mehn..... Dat no b small money o! Mak i hear say i no set Gboko on fire! Kai.....

Emmanuel Gilbert

did she return d money 2get a reward, i will ask her to resign immediately if so, men may nt si d good we d o but God sees and will reward us, wat will u say of her if she had tried 2steal d money and w as caught??

Oghayei Ziggy John

@Mr. Endy,take it easy with dat fellow pls...you know pple view tinz from diff angles,jst let it be cuz d kind of work you doing,you jst av to take tinz easy wit pple's view..More grace to you Endy.

Osakwe Godwin

some days ago, she was brought live on radio and after listening to her, i knew there wasn't any hope for the downtrodden. The CE0 of the cleaning firm had the audacity to phone in, started emphasiszing that this lady in ques wasn't telling the truth, that her new salary was 20k. She also laid the blame on FAAN who refuse to renew her contract since the early 2000. It's such a pitiable situation people like this woman, with such integrity isn't properly acknowledge. It can only happen in a country like ours.

Ogbodo Henry C

even heartless devil will pity this lady

Malachy Ogemdi

For me she made a very big mistake by returning the money. If i were to be her husband i will divorce her the next day. That was just her opportunity from God but she misuse it...‪#‎opportunitycomebutonce‬#

Monday Onoja

Not encouraging at all

Olakunle Aladekomo Oladipo

@Richard Akon, you read it when she returned the money but this news about her bn rewarded is still fresh. "TRENDING NEWS" you jst hating for no reason, abi ENDY collect your G-friend???. lolsz...Peaceeeee

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