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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

POLITICS: PDP Condemns Buhari's Refusal to Participate in Channels TV Presidential Debate

The PDP presidential campaign group has condemned Gen. Buhari for refusing to participate in yet another presidential debate, this one organized by Channels TV in conjunction with ARISE TV and NPAN. A statement was signed by the party's presidential campaign spokesman, Femi Fani Kayode  "We have been informed that General Buhari and the APC have decided not to participate in the NPAN-Channel Television-organised debate after they had
earlier agreed to take part in it. We had thought that having withdrawn from participating in the debate organised by Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria (BON), they would have availed themselves this second platform. Now that they have also turned their back on this, it is now very clear that General Buhari is incapable of engaging in rigorous live television debates on the issues of governance.

It speaks about his intellectual laziness and his loss of touch with contemporary issues of development and statecraft. We would like to reiterate that the APC has something to shield about General Buhari. He has campaigned in some states of the federation attacking President Jonathan’s handling of insurgency, corruption and economy. Now there is a platform on which both candidates can engage each other on these issues and he (Buhari) is running away. It is a disgrace to the APC and their candidate that they would treat everybody with contempt. 
The organisers of the debates are interested in promoting a robust culture of debates so that people can listen to the candidates and make informed choices on the basis of their arguments. We call on Nigerians to express their displeasure with General Buhari and the APC by rejecting them at the poll. This will be a just recompense for treating the Nigerian people and electorate with disdain”

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Ifykelly OffiahBussy Duro and 6 others like this.

Yvonne Onaibe

Looool..Intellectual laziness 

Endy Edeson

@ONAIBE: he is afraid. debate is not as easy as campaign speech or when you are addressing an audience. it's more of "fire-backs" and rigorous anlysis. it's really not okay of him to shy away from debate. that's why i like GEJ. things like this will never disturb his mind

Yvonne Onaibe

I just admire Femi's Vocab

I watched him in an interview yesterday 

Odeyemi Oluwasola

but gej too didn't attend too in 2011...so wats der prob?!

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey

problem being created for Buhari is that his apologists defend a man who cannot defend himself... why should he be afraid to face d press? he banned press freedom before..he jailed journalists before..he proscribed newspaper

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey

he proscribed newspaper houses. he failed to appear before Oputa panel. now he fails to appear before d press. he cant answer what Tinubu does not approve

Endy Edeson

@YVONE: Me too. i watched him. i like him too

Kelvin Alphonso

what do u xpect from a man who is intellectually bankrupt

Onuh Jude

Enyinda.......I share in your comments.

Airuoyuwa Lixon

Of course Buhari has not got the mental capacity to face a Ph.D holder of the person of our president in such debate of mental combat, but give him a riffle of the people mandate on the 14 Febuary, and watch in awe how these governors go to jail for 250 years at least or watch in horrow how young men will be executed by firing squad for snoffing tobaco in the public. Do not make the mistake at the poll on the 14th of Febuary 2015.

Smart Omeh Hugoris

he doesn't want Nigerians to know is view and motive, and also wants to hide little secret about his weakness.

Prince Raheem Samod Babatunde

story 4 d gods! ko kan aye. Febuari... Even if Buari is a butcher, i wil still vote 4 him! Let dat stick to ur brain.

Ezinne Amadi

Gej na you i know ‪#‎Godwin‬

Francis Oluwamayowa Tokede

Who remembers 2011 when Jonathan boycotted debates but went on be interviewed by D'Banj? This year, Buhari is boycotting debates and going on town hall meetings. Say whatever you like, it's ‪#‎SaiBuhari‬

Obasi Peter King

@Francis pls tell them...

‪#‎gmb‬ all d way

Sebastine Ejiofor Uroko

One thing about d whole issue is dat buhari does not undastand d politics of today. PDP wil distroy him by all means.

Olajide Young Johnson

all those debates been conducted in the past till date- what have we gained from there? Pls of what purpose or benefit is that nonsense debate to the ordinary nigeria man on d road? Is it not d same padi-padi formular after voting them in? Did they follow whatever they said during their campaign, manisfesto or debates?, Now apart from the fact that both pdp, apc and d rest were all thieves and armed-robbers moreso the integrity of many media houses both print and electronics were under serious question? Bcos they have soiled their hands in dirtiness of politics- they've lost their foresight as d gate-keeper in any countries affairs as prescribed by Journalism profession so if buhari believes that his participation in that debate will not be justified than he has his fact. Can someone pls tell d son of a traitor fani kayode to stop showing his ugly face bcos his father's generation hasa also been part of nigeria problem since he cowardly betrayed baba akintola---- History will judge fani one day

Rex Bob Prince

remember 2011,who didnt showed up?

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