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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

POLITICS: APC Accuses PDP of Planning To Create Fake Shekau to Discredit BUHARI

The All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign Organisation has raised the alarm about reports of a fake Abubakar Shekau (Boko Haram leader) allegedly being paraded by the Federal Government, which it says the government intends to use to create an impression that it is winning the war on terrorism. It said credible sources had alerted the APC that the fake Shekau might become a tool to blackmail members of the opposition “by coaching the phantom terror chief” to say he was working for the opposition party candidate, Maj. Gen Muhammadu Buhari(retd.), in order to link its presidential candidate to terrorism as it had attempted but failed in the past. A statement by the Director of Media and Publicity of the APCOPC, Malam Garba Shehu, wondered where the “new Shekau” would come from after government, at several times in the past, announced that it had killed the insurgents’ leader.

“The charge to the military, that they should catch Shekau alive by the President in the last 24 hours, lends credence to the report that indeed a fake Shekau is about being created,” it said.

The statement noted that “the profile of the leader of the insurgents, Shekau, of a dedicated ideologue,” presupposed that the man was not likely to allow himself to be caught alive.

“It is both contradictory to the ideology he preaches and the psychological profile that the world has of him that Shekau would allow himself to be caught alive,” the statement said.

The APCPCO recalled that the attack in Kaduna, on the party’s presidential candidate, was believed by most Nigerians that it was perpetrated by the Boko Haram.

It added, “The police that are constitutionally empowered to investigate and report on such incidents have not contradicted the widespread belief that this was a Boko Haram’s attack.

“The view of the APC is that it does not make sense for General Muhammadu Buhari to be in league with, or be associated in any way with people who have set out to kill him.”


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Dahiru Adamu and 2 others like this.

Terna Benshog Shogodo

How many shekau do we have? u reported here last yr that the DSS has killed shekau so which one are we talking abt here again

Soremekun Jubril Idowu

since they know the original shekau. let them produce him to come and clear buhari's name. and tell us how they knew him to be originai????

Endy Edeson

@TERNA: i guess you are asking PDP. not me. because it was FG that claimed they've killed shekau. It seems the man keeps on ressurrecting

Soremekun Jubril Idowu

which shekau was threatning to distrupt election a day after usa favour janathan at the polls??????? i guess it wasn't the fake one or probably the ghost of the one killed several times over????

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

They've killed Shekau 2ce. I'm pretty sure the original is dead. A body double has come out to take his place. And really, what the APC are alleging is quite possible if you go by Azazi's statement. Also, as this one is a fake which the military has said and reiterated countless times, he could be caught and given a sweet deal to implicate GMB. I've said and will keep saying the PDP knows a lot about BH and the last couple of weeks have shown they played politics in dealing with them. Foreign Govs too have a hand in BH. Did anyone hear of the French nationals that were caught in Cameroon? And France wants them to be handed over back. As someone who has followed keenly the peculiar case of terrorism I'll liken this to what happened in 2001 when the Pakistani PM then Benazir Bhutto, the Pakistani Army said Osama Bin Laden died and Al Queda did confirm it then too that they gave him a burial in accordance with his religion (wahabbism). I'll post links to all 3 issues I've mentioned.

Paul Akorita

Shakau is a title, that means any bh leader is called "Shakau"

Yvonne Onaibe


Okay,,bring the Real and Fake......make case end

Soremekun Jubril Idowu

@ jesse please answer the question i posted immediately prior to your submissions.

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

@ Idowu. You seem to think your questions are valid. They're not and I'll tell you why. The military has said Shekau has been killed. Also, they've shown pictures to differentiate between the present Shekau and the one killed and there is a difference. Those who's seen the pics would attest to it. Ergo, this one is fake. If the original has been killed as said by the milirary (2ce) then it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know this one is fake. Also, should he be caught he could be given a sweet deal and released without anyone knowing if he names names should that be their plan. I'll refer you to the Osama Bin Laden case, he did release videos at least 2ce to my knowledge debunking that he was responsible for the 9/11 attacks. I've watched them and conveniently the only time he did admit it was a few days before the Bush re-election in 2004. Isn't that convenient?.

Prince Raheem Samod Babatunde

@Jesse, u do ur homework well! U are a darling. Dey want to manipulate us! Hey, FG/PDP. We ain't fool! Okay?

Sam Kemmy

I think he knew about it. So stop reporting as if they wanted painting him black. He said it previously that he is going to make nigeria ungovernable. His case is just like that of a thief that stole sometin and when there is a call that whoever finds it wil be greatly rewarded. Then he comes out that he knows wot measure to use to find it. That he brings it out should not exonorate him from being a thief he is.GMB IS NO SAINT

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

@ Sam. And that statement has been debunked countless times now it seems like a broken record. The person who said he'll make 9ja ungovernable was and still is a PDP member. The statement is all over the net with the man's name attached to it. You would do good to find out so then you will at least stop saying it. No one has said GMB is a saint. He's human afterall but the things he's been accused of mostly are false and not proven.

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

@ Prince. As someone who loves history and likes to question things. I try my best to check stuffs out before making claims. BH are both a product of local and foreign agents. There's no doubt. Just as ISIS is a product of US/Mossad. Just as Al Queda is a product of the US too. Also just as 9/11 is fake. There are countless stuffs that prove me in the right esp the 9/11 cos the building was made of steel and not iron. Iran's former Prez Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, who's an engineer has said it that to his experience steel building to burn the way the NY own did. Also there's been 2 buildings, 1 in Spain and 1 in Mexico made of steel that burned for 12+ hours and the other 15+ hours. Guess what? Both were still standing after that. Also, people should study American defense system and what happened that day to it and also the 3rd building (building 7) that went down too. Also a man called Silverstien (spelling check) who took out insurance policy on the building just few weeks before the attack in case of a terror attack. Isn't that convenient? He made $$$$$$$ from that. Research helps but people don't wana put in the time to educate themselves.

Prince Raheem Samod Babatunde

Yeah, plus u are not being sentimental too! Cos, some wil cover up d truth even though dey know it!

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

We all have versions of truth but most are based on opinions and not the facts. The key is understanding the divisions of absolute truth.

Soremekun Jubril Idowu

@ jesse. a video went viral last week from boko haram camp promisiing to distupt election, a day after jona was favour by usa to win march 28 election from a shekua. are u saying the figure in question is fake????? or the video was recorded long before he died??? if shekau is a titlelar name for BH leadership as inssinuated in some quaters, do u know their principle is a believe institution. and they are well grounded in their acts and fundamentalisms. so if any makes a confession its a linaege history?? all the same u have answeres my quetions. these are just to guard your thesis

Adams Ireti Lanze

Why are these unveiling weeks before election ? Make una strategize well o

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

@ Idowu. BH have been threatening to disrupt elections for years. The essence of terrorism is to destroy social life and elections are part of that. There are body doubles in this life just as there are lookalikes. Nani looks and Gustavo look alike but they're not the same person. There are subtle differences. Just as there are in the new Shekau. Also, if you've watched any Osama Bin Laden video you'd also see a difference in them. The real one being a lefty kept his rifle close to his favoured hand and the fake one who's a righty put a his rifle in his right side. The new Shekau can record a video now doesn't mean he's the real one.

Njoku Onyekachi

Hahhahahahahh! How did apc kw d real and fake shekau?

Onuh Jude

The is coming out 2 speak the real truth,his sponsors nd God-fathers....there can never be fake one cos we've been watching all his videos even lasr few days. I neva doubted d fact that an opposition party hav been d strength of BH,they initiated it 2 use it as campaign stategy against d ruling party. Some of dem had promised 2 crush BH which is just simmple cos they're all working 4 d same aim bt nonetheless,Nigerians are not ignorant of dat. We knew where they're coming frm,their strategies nd lies.

Okpara Levy Ibuchi

The Guilty is Always Afraid

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