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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

If Buhari Wins & Becomes a Good President, Then I Might Forgive Him

Afrobeat star and Late Fela's son, Seun Kuti has explained why he would not vote this year. He also opened up on the only condition under which he would forgive Buhari for locking his father up. He told the Nation. You recently came out and said you were misrepresented in some quarters of the media concerning the major presidential candidates. What are your views about the coming elections? Are you going to vote? Do you have your PVC? No, I don’t have my PVC because I decided already long time ago, even before the candidates were chosen, that the election is the politician’s elections still. I’m not going to vote. And I’ve been proven correct. I’m happy that so many people in Nigeria today want to be involved in the democratic process of this country. It is a big development in our democratic development.

And so many people want to also cast protest votes this year protest against how the country has been run by the present administration and I understand. And I support it as well. But the truth about it is that I believe that I am very politically mature. And for me to cast my vote, whoever I vote for has to represent my aspirations. I won’t just cast a protest vote in as much as a protest vote is needed in this forthcoming election.

The candidate that is brought forward as well is someone that I believe is not in the good books of the Kuti family. And my family, we’re very united in our views about civic responsibility and human rights.

And retired GENERAL BUHARI has trampled on the rights of my family when he jailed my father, illegally for that matter. And Fela was innocent. This is why it would be difficult for me to say I want to vote for Buhari.

Maybe if Buhari wins and becomes president, then I can forgive him if he begins to do to Nigerians what Fela would have liked for Nigerians because maybe if Buhari becomes president and he suddenly becomes pro-people, developing Nigeria from the ground-up, things that I know would have made my father happy, and he is bring Nigeria up yeah.

Definitely, I would understand that even if Fela were alive and Fela sees Nigeria going forward like this, he would speak in favour of the man. But so far, I can’t betray my father based on some promises and some words. So, that is why I’m not voting for him.

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Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

I've never seen a man to have spoken against a military Govt to not have been thrown in jail. It is what it is. Pervasion though happens in civilians. We've seen this Govt ransacking media houses. That's good. All right.

Yvonne Onaibe

Loooool...Seun,come take my PVC

Nwigwe Chinweikpe

That man buhari is anti-democratic, he does'nt deserve to rule this country, NO, NT AT ALL.
Unlike5DeleteReport5 hours ago

Endy Edeson

@jesse: some politicians are extremists. how can one claim to sweep off dirts when himself is completely unwashed. it's so sad that this happened after Nigeria's 2nd republic was aborted. Nigerians won't forget so easily but WE are forgiving humans

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey

if our people are thinking right..Buhari should not be d one they want. APC has better candidates. Tinubu forced him on d party. this is why Atiku and Kwakwanso are sad. Buhari committed heinpus crimes against the land. till date he is still doing worse. Even certificate forgery!

Vera Obiuwevbi

am surprised. people no dey fear God again. no conscience. you are shouting at and fighting same sufferer of your own disease. you want to cure his sickness and you are living with the terminal version of the disease. u get migraine, u say headache wicked, u dey curse headache. ur migraine nko? he don go? haba.

Adeosun Olabode

you are true son and blood of late fela i like u

Adejare Adeniyi Paul

@ Nwigwe,u dnt kno what u ar saying! Shey na GEJ b democratic person? A president who ws informed dt school children hv bn abducted and said dt they ar lieing and continue drink his 'kainkain' or someone in whose tenure a whooping $7 billion ws stolen! U better cut ur mouth shut!

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey

I feel so ashamed of some of these Yoruba people. Here we are talking about Fela.. His own son is talking.. and here a Yoruba man like him is diverting the matter to talk about nonsense..are certain people cursed to be deceptive of their own flesh and blood? see the people rallying round Fela... and see who are supporting Buhari for what he did to Fela family

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