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Friday, 20 February 2015

CURRENT AFFAIRS: Top 7 Controversies Involving Former President Obasanjo

Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo has been embroiled in a lot of controversies. Many continue to wonder what makes Obasanjo thick and how he manages to get away with things other people would not even dare to try. Like a cat with nine lives, Obasanjo came out of prison and assumed the number position in Nigerian in 1999. Though he did not have the support of his people in the Southwest, other parts of the country voted for him. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo is not an ordinary Nigerian citizen as he has become some sort of political Mecca where countless politicians and political parties pay homage and source for advice concerning their ambition.

One thing about the former President is that he is never afraid of courting controversies, an action which has fetched him a lot of enemies and criticisms. But Obasanjo seems not to be bothered with his critiques as he keeps saying his mind, irrespective of who gets hurt.

Let’s take a look at some of the controversies that former President has been involved in.

1. Obasanjo dumps PDP in a very dramatic manner:

This is the most recent act of Obasanjo that has everybody talking. On Monday, February 16, Obasanjo officially left the ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP). The fact that he left the party was not the issue but the manner he did it. He tore his party membership card in public, an action which the party described as an insult.

2. He wrote a controversial autobiography:

The former President’s autobiography, ‘My Watch’ which was unveiled at the at the Lagos Country club Ikeja, Lagos, on December 9, 2014, caused quite a stir in the country. The book strongly criticized a lot of top Nigerian politicians like president Goodluck Jonathan, Bola Tinubu, Gbenga Daniel and others. Despite being stopped by a court injunction, Obasanjo had gone ahead to launch the three-volume book.

Though the book was banned from being sold in Nigeria, the former President refused to be deterred and took it to other countries where it will not be banned.

3. Attempted a third term:

Obasanjo was the only president who attempted a third term but was confronted. Obasanjo was embroiled in controversy regarding his “Third Term Agenda,” a plan to modify the constitution so he could serve a third term as President. This led to a political media uproar in Nigeria. Obasanjo later denied his involvement in the third term agenda.

Speaking at the launch of his autobiography, he denied seeking a third term but admitted he knew about it. He had said: “Third term was not my agenda or intention although I would not say I didn’t know about it. I didn’t mastermind third term. Those who were telling me to go on were the governors that were going to benefit from it.”

4. Obasanjo’s letter to Jonathan:

In 2013, the former president stirred up a storm with an explosive 18-page letter entitled “Before it is too late” to President Goodluck Jonathan detailing what he perceived to be the president’s shortcomings. This had sparked a lot of reactions in the country at the time.

5. Iyabo’s letter to her father:

Following Obasanjo’s 18-page letter, his daughter, Senator Iyabo Obasanjo had allegedly written a letter to her father. She had denounced Obasanjo as a self-seeking man lacking in all key expectations of a father and a leader, but often appearing quick to accuse others of the same ills. The letter was surrounded in controversy as the spokespersons and family members of Obasanjo alleged that the letter was forged. Meanwhile, Iyabo refused to denounce or deny her authorship of a blistering letter. Obasanjo had alleged that Iyabo was coerced by President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration to write the letter to him in a bid to embarrass him

6. His son Gbenga accused him of sleeping with his wife:

In 2008, Gbenga, the first son of the former president dropped a bombshell on his father’s alleged sexual intimacy with his estranged wife, Moji. Gbenga, in a sworn affidavit, submitted to a divorce court accused his father of sleeping with his wife. The former president was summoned in court in what appeared to be a messy divorce between Gbenga and his wife.

7 . The Odi massacre:

This was an attack carried out on November 20, 1999, by the Nigerian military during Obasanjo’s reign as president. Nearly 2500 civilians were reportedly killed in the predominantly Ijaw town of Odi in Bayelsa state, while every building in the town except the bank, the Anglican church and the health center were burned to the ground. Report has it that massacre was ordered by Obasanjo. On his command the world witnessed one of the most tragic abuse of human right and genocide in Odi.


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Yvonne Onaibe


Baba the Baba

Olajide Young Johnson

The Man OBASANJO- A CHAMPION, I Love Him Especially The Step He Took Concerning Odi's Case---- He Took A Bold Step that A Strong Man should have taken not like my corrupted and secretly wicked sitting president that i have now. Bullshit

Endy Edeson

@johnson: you mean "jungle justice" he commited in ODI is a bold step? his action to ODI was unconstitutional and a voilation of human right

Olajide Young Johnson

sending armies to mount-up tinubu house is constitutional? Saying on national broadcast that corruption is not a big deal but just stealing is constitutional? Using armies to intimidate oppositions and using themm to rig election in ekiti is constitutional? Using diplomatic power to cover buruji kashamu atrocities is constitutional? Using federal power to cover fayose that deem it fit to beat a court jugde is constitutional? Covering d evil ordeal of joseph mbu and not sacking him immediately he make a statement of killing 20 civilians for one police is constitutional?Using federal power to removed the security aides of tambuwal and trying to impeach him unjustly is constitutional------ mr man if to say ur soo called Broda-President have taken the step which obasanjo took at that time we wont be hearing abt bokoharam today.

Adisa Aladejobi Thompson

@Endy Edeson! People like Johnson are those that engage in jungle justice in their locality. He need to be lectured on the right of every citizen of Nigeria "Right to Life". Lives should be protected by our security agencies even @war.

Olajide Young Johnson

assuming Odi's situation was not been taken care of at that, may be it would been grow or resulted to bokoharam tendency like this! No doubt it's a war- an internal war and there must be collateral damage which will be innocent people. Oga Jona hiding under d fact that he did not want to have collateral damage but how many innocent man, woman,children and homes has been lost. Why dont ur Chief Of Armed Forces Cleared-off the bullshit at once and we will all have peace by now

Olatunji Lawal Gbolahan

Tru talk
@olajide d man of truth and action

Adisa Aladejobi Thompson

not all crisis that requires hard approach. Militancy was brought to book under Yar'Adua without force but consultation. with d approach, several lives were resusticated unlike Odi's case. I subscribe the present approach that 'll ensures the release of those in the foRest.

Olajide Young Johnson

@adisa thompson or wateva are we in war time when one of oga jona cronies joseph mbu make a statement of killing 20civilians for one police? Talking abt jungle justice when alba-moro one of yet oga jona cronies knowing that he needs just five thousand immigration officer but push out over 7millions of forms to get money for his oga at d top thereby causing d death of some youth like u adisa who supposed to be future of this nation tomao- abi him oga jona want to tell us say he no know abt d employment junta? What name should we give to that kind of situation more that Jungle Justice which u and endy are singing as a song now? When people died on d road that u as a leader supposed to do for ur masses- what name should we give to that than Jungle Justice and apart where is d soo called JUSTICE u are shouting for int his country? When some people can eat belle-full and throw away but billions were on d street living on 18thousand minimum wages that will not even come in time is that not Jungle Justice? Removing tambuwals security aides is not Jungle Justice abi? My problem with u people is that, either u are biased through polical or ethical aspect or u just decided to follow their suit because u lick their boot

Olajide Young Johnson

yes it was less under yaradua bcos of his sensible approach but when plan A is not working then u used plan B which Oga Jona Lack even yaradua show some strenght by giving them ultimatum to surrender or else---- beside adisa if to say it was ur mother, sister or wife is among to those people at chibok or among those ones killed in gombe u will not be saying all this nonsence. Go to chibok and say all these nonsence in front of those parent and husband if u and endy will come back home alive!

Adisa Aladejobi Thompson

I see no reason why some Nigerians can't discuss objectively. Debating without personaling issue is difficult to some people.

Olajide Young Johnson

personaling issue my foot! Is it bcos all those dead people and those parents crying for their daughter which they did not know their whereabout where not human-being like u? They did not have blood and vein like u?

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