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Friday, 16 January 2015

POLITICS: Buhari Can’t Be President Because He’s Not Computer Literate” – Mimiko

The South West zonal coordinator of President Goodluck Campaign Organisation, Olusegun Mimiko, on Monday, said the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Muhammadu Buhari, cannot be president of the country because he is a computer illiterate. Addressing supporters of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, at the party’s presidential campaign rally in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, Mr. Mimiko, who is also the governor of Ondo State, said Nigerians
were looking for a well-educated president who would drive development in the country.

They don’t belong to this generation. Some of them cannot even click a computer yet they want to be president in Nigeria in 21st century. We say no. we say no, I don’t have much to say. We want a 21st century compliant president,” he said as the crowd cheered.


Bruce BrandyBussy Duro and 3 others like this.

Elijah Darlynton

We hear u, mr graduate of computer science

Ephraim Joseph Mustard

Even his phone number, he dont have off hand.

Dahunsi Jeleel Omorilewa

even if buari cant count 1 to 10 or he presented NEPA bill as his certificate i will vote for him

Endy Edeson

@dahunsi: then waht could be your reason to vote him?

Lawal Yahaya

that is nt a reason.tankz@jaleel

Don Simonee

Vote for him my arse!!

Dahunsi Jeleel Omorilewa

because he act as leader not as boss

Prince Raheem Samod Babatunde

I guess dis people deceiving public (pdp) doesn't have anything to say again. He is not computer literate my ASS. Nd wat does dat has to do with being a true leader. Who care about his people. Nd i am pretty sure dat by the special grace of Allah, president jonathan will be congratulating General Muhamadu Buari on his victory! Mark my words. Everybody is wise now. We ai'nt fools no more!!!

Ogunsanya Adeniyi Malaika

President Goodluck Jonathan will be honouring his wife, the first lady Dame Patience Jonathan with the award of GCFR (Grammar Commander of The Federal Republic). Sources said this is due to the immense contributions of the first lady to English Language in Nigeria. Another reason for this prestigious award is that the first lady has affected a lot of lives positively with her humorous speeches that make Nigerians laugh and forget their sorrows.This according to Mr. President has increased the life span of an average Nigerian. Example of her speeches include:* Nigeria is a great CONTINENT.* My husband and Sambo IS good people.* I rather KILL myself than commit SUICIDE.* My fellow widows.* I travelled to abroad to rest in peace.* My husband is the best couple on earth.* The doctors are responding to treatment.* For those who said I speech bad English, I left them for God. *Ojukwu is dead, but his Manhood still lives on.* Na only you waka come?* Chai! Chai!! Chai!!! diaris God o...Please support and honour Nigeria first lady by sharing with all your contacts! Don't Laugh alone please ... It’s time to laugh

Awuaga Fidelia

Wah has d computer literate 22 cenutry man done in 8 yrs to b proud of?? I dnt do politic buh I jst hav to say dis. Nigerians want change in governance, let another person too try, if he cnt do better den we wil knw nigeria is doomed. Leadership is nt by age or d type of education attained.

Bem John

Certificate or no certificate, young or old, tall or short, muslim or christian, literate or iliterate.. Buhari is the man! The change we need!

Olatunji-Aguda Oladapo

Even if Buhari did not know what is called Computer. I WILL STILL VOTE FOR HIM.

Ogar Paul Adogo

Agreed u will all vote 4 him, but i prpmise u, u shall signed ursef into slavery.

Shola Afolabi

"So for you to solve corruption problems, you must use modern technologies to prevent people from stealing and that is what we are working on.." - GEJ. How did Jonathan managed to squander all the goodluck, goodwill & affections that ushered him to power?
EditedLike1DeleteReportTuesday at 11:10

Adeogun Folarchemmy Oluwole

@ paul, u are a big fool
Like1DeleteReportTuesday at 11:24

Tunde Rasaq

if he is still breathing I will vote for him aside phone number and computer anything else
Like1DeleteReportTuesday at 11:47

Bussy Duro

So jona u wey gt certivct wetin u d wit am?trash lierz.find sumtin else 2 sy,me i no dey vote anybody sha o go dey my papa house dt dy anytin wey happen i go ear
Like1DeleteReportTuesday at 11:55

Bussy Duro

Lt him ensalve us first God who does it dn wil d it again nd again.

Prince Raheem Samod Babatunde

When ur enemies can't overpower u, i guess what dey say is u are either a lunatic or illiterate. Even if Buari is a shoemaker, i wil stil vote 4 him...

Henry Ebhohon

hell is awaiting dos dat dnt belve in CHRIST JESUS

Henry Ebhohon

hell is awaiting dos dat dnt belve in CHRIST JESUS

Prince Raheem Samod Babatunde

Nd dis pertains 2 d issue on ground how? is jonathan now a representative of Jesus christ?

Henry Ebhohon

HEAVEN is awaiting dos dat are HOLY b4 HIM (ALMIGHTY GOD)

Wass Demo

Computer in governance? This people are getting it more wrong day by day.Of what importance is the phd to governance? let alone computer. We need to check corruption they are talking thrash

Ogar Paul Adogo

@Oluwale u can say dat again. Tnx failed condom product.

Ray O. Ezechi

@ endy because he is much more better than his opponent thats why i will equally vote him (buhari).

Oloruntola Shewenwen

buhari is an old fool

George Ojo

@ebhohon for saying that.... i pray almighty God will 4giv u cos u don't know what u're saying..... I pity d family n generation u came out from..... heaven is not for people lik u.....

Osahon Lucky Ayomi

look at what someone with PHD has turned this country into.another stupid talk, he should go and mind his state.maradona

Prince Raheem Samod Babatunde

@ebhohon, are u holy???? I beg, go find somewhere sit down nd hold ur lips!

Henry Ebhohon

Amblessd; My famillies are blessd; My gneration are blessd by d power ln d BLOOD OF JESUS

Anastasia Edeh

Buhari will neva win.hw can a presidential candidate not know hw to operate a computer?abi na typewriter he wan dey use?outdated old man lolllllll

Chimmy Ellis Udoye

All of you have enough time o

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