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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

POLITICS: Namadi Sambo and Gen Buhari fail to present their certificates to INEC

Nigeria's Vice President and running mate of President Goodluck Jonathan, Namadi Sambo and APC Presidential Candidate, Gen Muhammadu Buhari, have both failed to present their University Degree certificates to the Independent National Electoral Commission as part of documents to be tendered before the electoral commission by any aspirant Arc. Namadi Sambo who presented his nomination forms to INEC on Dec 10th stated in his form that his BSc and MSc certificates from his Alma mater, Ahmadu Bello University ABU got burnt in a fire incident. He however tendered a "To Whom It May Concern" letter from authorities of the ABU stating that he was a student of their school. 

The letter in part read 
“I certify that the above-named person having completed an approved course of study and passed the prescribed examinations was awarded the Bachelor of Science (Architecture) with Second Class Honours (Lower Division) in 1976 by the Senate of this University. His original certificate got burnt. Please treat his case in view of this certification. Thank you.”

On his part, APC Presidential candidate, General Buhari said he could not tender any of his academic certificates before INEC because all his certificates are with the Military board and not at his disposal. An affidavit sworn by Gen Buhari rtd at High court in Abuja on November 24th to this effect reads in part, 
"I am the above-named person and deponent to this affidavit therein. All my academic qualifications documents as filled in my presidential form, President APC/001/2015, are currently with the Secretary, Military Board as of the time of presenting this affidavit. The affidavit is made in good faith and for record purpose,”.
All political aspirants are expected to tender their academic certificates while submitting their nomination forms. Other aspirants including President Jonathan have tendered their certificates to the electoral body.


Miz Anabel and 2 others like this.

Anyanwu Ify

At least Sambo got a letter for his alma mater, Buhari where is ur own letter or certificates????

Ephraim Joseph Mustard

I didnt beleive dat of Namadi b/c he was former gov

Endy Edeson

@ify: it's really "funny". i wonder why Buhari did not bother to acquire more education after all these years.

Ogochukwu Hariet Onyeabor

...Nigeria nawahoooo...

Adejare Adeniyi Paul

@ Endy what qualification did he nid again? Pls tell me.after being a military head of states and have served a total of 35 years in active service

Ephraim Joseph Mustard

In my tribe, if sb calls u hausa man or woman. Dat's the highest insult in my place. But my question is WHY?

Korede Adesanya

their excuses are genuine only for INEC to confirm it

Emeka Solomon

Buheheh  buhari oooo

Uche Udeogu

anyway let d better side win

Darlington Ebuzo

Our problems in dis country ever since has not failed to evolve from de north.
How can dis two northern fools not have certificates & dey have been in de government for dis long!!!

Northerners always does anal reasoning which does emanate problems

Dahiru Adamu

Experiance is better than certificate,b/c in our country 2day U can get any cert. But how 2 depend it, is another problem. expecially in the S/E,and S/S.

Emeka Solomon

Dahiru you said 2day, not those days when buhari and sambo were still in school, what is experience when you have no certificate to prove it?

Osuntokun David

Buhari says his certificate is with the military..then inec should investigate also sambo too

Ephraim Joseph Mustard

Buhari has no certificate nor experience. He is an aturu hausa.

Emeka Solomon

that's too much Ephraim

Ephraim Joseph Mustard

Na buhari u won pity? E be lik say u no know him. Na leader of BH

Emeka Solomon

You don't go astray because others did

Ephraim Joseph Mustard

Not at all my dear. Can u recall what he told Gej during last election? Can u equally recall what Amaechi said last week? Al apc are BH.

Michael King

This is political issue, so that doesn't stop him in contesting next election, we don't need Buhari certificate, all am after is changing the country. Abeg Gen Buhari you're the best....

Salako Stephen


Chukwunweike James Nnakwue Nnaemena

2Aboki's... but what is millitary board?

Ekene Nnadi Mellifluos Henrypage

Why cant our news reporters do thorough investigation & report truth instead of misleading d public?? it is on record dt once u join d military, u tender ur original credentials 2 dem so as 2 avoid ur gettin employment elsewhere bcos u hav automatically bcom a national property... So buhari saying his credentials is wit d military, isnt rily a news worthy story xcept 4 mischief makers news organisation... Inec shuld simply go 2 d military headquaters and verify buhari's claim instead of d newspapers misleading ignorant Nigerians

Bem John

Ideologies makes a strong leader have more value more than certificates! Even if buhari dont have any certificate, he har chosen a vice that is a proffesor. For those saying buhari or apc are bokoharam, read the c.i.a report., which expose to us that 90 percent of bh's weapons are frm the nigerian military!

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