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Sunday, 21 December 2014

ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: I’m Not Interested In Marriage Now, Because I Can’t Sacrifice Myself For Any Woman- Timaya

37-year old Timaya has told Saturday Beats why he will not be tying the knot soon with his babymama or any woman at that. According to him, marriage makes a man sacrifice himself to his woman, and he is not ready for that. “I am not yet ready to get married and anyone who is looking for that is only being deceived because I am too young to get married. Marriage is not all about money and nobody knows what I have in the

bank because they are not my accountant. Musicians lie a lot, so don’t believe most of what they tell you. They are only trying to ‘package’ themselves. I am not prepared for marriage because I am not yet ready to sacrifice for any woman, I am sorry. My daughter is my life and I love her so much but marriage is not on my mind. I don’t want a situation whereby I will tell a woman I want to travel somewhere and she would be complaining.”


Bertha Nnaji Steve

You are so ungrateful, Timaya. Wish I could slap some sense into your skull now.

Endy Edeson

@BERTHA: i think if he sees the right woman, he will bow for marriage.

Emmanuel Divine

life is a choice Bro

Bertha Nnaji Steve

What right woman, Endy? He already put one "wrong" woman in the "right" way, abi? He has better thought twice.

Endy Edeson

@bertha: yeah. but realized it was a mistake. if she is the right person then he won't be saying things like this

Bertha Nnaji Steve

You know what, Endy? I hate it when men say they found out she was the wrong woman for them at last. Who is perfect, huh? Now he loves her baby and not her. Sounds selfish to me.

Bertha Nnaji Steve

What am I even saying? He is still Timaya, that Bayelsa boy.

Godgift Ede

@bertha; its not only men. women do that too. we should be careful the kind of people we date

Ogochukwu Hariet Onyeabor

Bertha is right...y did she suddenly become the wrong woman...buh they had a baby today...he is just afraid of commitment and to me he is still a baby...thinking so immature...@ gift if only love would let you see clearly...

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