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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

WEIRD NEWS: Jehovah's Witness Member Dies After Rejecting Blood Transfusion

Speaking for the first time since his wife’s death, [her husband] Kwaku Keh told the Standard: “My wife and I were best friends. We had been trying to have a baby for some time but it had not happened for us even with the help of IVF. “Then in 2013 my wife got pregnant without medical intervention and our only son was delivered by caesarean section. I was overjoyed and could not wait for them to come home.”

Mrs Keh remained in hospital after her son’s birth on September 18 last year to receive antibiotics for an infection. She developed acute respiratory distress syndrome and was transferred to Papworth, a specialist heart and lung hospital in Cambridge.

She had told doctors of her refusal to receive blood products, and lawyers confirmed her wishes had to be obeyed. She was put on a machine at Papworth but it could not effectively re-oxygenate her blood without a transfusion. She died two days later.

An inquest last month found Mrs Keh died on October 19 last year from a combination of ARDS, sepsis, an infection in the caesarean wound and “refusal of transfusion on religious grounds”.
It would be recalled that JEHOVAH WITNESS don’t accept blood transfusion even if they are at point of death. It is against their doctrine.


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2 people like this.

2 people like this.

Ann Ab
Na them sabi

DeDon Okeke
this jw people sef

Samuel Sawyerr
NA DEM SABI. i no fit go that church

Joy Nzubechi Ihedigbo
it is not our doctrine but the bible command to abstain from blood.

Samuel Sawyerr
@joy: you people should change from that way of belief

Endy Edeson
@sawyerr: so even if someone is at the point of death, no blood transfusion? kind of strange to me

Joy Nzubechi Ihedigbo
there are other alternatives without transfusion.what gaurantee do u have that she will be alive if she accept the blood?moreover there are other diseases u get from blood transfusion.the best thing is to obey bible command.chikina

Lightbearer Ahonsi
wel he dat disobey God's law like adam n eve wil end up like dem, he who dies kil jesus wil live again .d bible clearly command us 2 abstain 4rm blood .

Mercy Dan
which blood? why did they even go to the hospital sef, she should've been taken to their church, so God that gave wisdom to scientist made mistake abi? that's wot happend 2years ago in one hospital in ph where their member delivered a baby n was bleeding but d doctor refuses to accept blood transfusion and was there watched d woman bleeds and cry to death leaving d new born baby and 3other kids. few months later the man got married to another woman. I hate such beliefs wif passion n for those who misinterpreted bible pls be warned! who wrote bible? it was written by men under d inspiration of d holy spirit. the world has gone digital now, all those analogue interpretations of d bible must stop. is so painful watching someone died when you can help.

Emmanuel Terfa Dzugu
@ Endy Edeson

Joy Nzubechi Ihedigbo
Acts 15:28,29

Sunkanmi Fashanu
Romans 1:28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

Ticia Philips
I pity those ppl i wonder what they are witnessing for Jehovah when they dont even know the Jehovah always turning Gods words upside down

Sunkanmi Fashanu
@ Joy. "And from blood" means the eating of blood of animals. Do not quote out of context.

Lightbearer Ahonsi
my God giv u eyes 2 c d truth .many will nt obey becus u did nt read ur bible pls use ur bible so u dnt sin

Monday Onoja
Upside down quoting of message must have contributed to this

Salako Stephen

Sunkanmi Fashanu
@ Lightbearer. You are saved by grace and not by works. :::Romans 3:23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; Romans 3:24 Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus:

Mercy Dan
Act 15 V 29 says you are to abstain frm food sacrificed to idols, frm blood sacrificed, frm the meat of strangled animals and frm sexual immorality. you will do well to avoid these things. pls n pls can these jehovah's witnesses relate this to what is on ground!!! pls always read ur bible n pray u'll get d interpretation correctly than being brainwashed!

Lightbearer Ahonsi
mercy pls dnt insult us is our lives nt urs so pls respect our belive if u cnt den keep shut.wit al due respect pls dt say wat u dnt no

Mercy Dan
@Lightbearer, I only askd for explanations frm d passage we've read. is that a crime?

Lightbearer Ahonsi
no but callin it brain wash is a crime

Mercy Dan
I think it should be wise for dogs to know of the truth so they can bark a holy bark!

Mercy Dan
so calling it a dog is not a crime?

Mercy Dan
hmmmm... I believe u don't even understand ur belief, else u should be bold enough to convince me wif fact. thnks anywayz! am out of here.

Divine Joy
Hmmmm nna e, ike gwuru ndia o.

Ejiofor Ifeoma
my people are perishing out of ignorant

Kelvin Surplus Olorunnisola
"How foolish", am sure by now one of d heavenly angels most have told her that.

Emeka Solomon
Don't be deceived, God is not mocked, everybody will reap the fruit of his or her Labour, because they refused to accept the truth; God has given them up to their reprobate mind

James Sinach Anuforo
>tongue out< don't serve your church but serve God, by living your life in accordance with the bible

Meci Obot
Lol nothing person no go see.i hv studied my bible in d best way I can.i hv nt for once come across any verse in d bible were God said we shudnt tk blood transfusion,that was hw my dad's wife lost her child bcos of same issue while tryin to give birth'jehovah witness is one place I don't want to worship even if am been paid to.thier doctrines re so complicated,n they can argue to d call.u see dem carryin thier bags preachin for christains,but wen we christains go out for preachin they won't even pay attention to us.i ve heard of so many jehovah witness pple die all bcos they refused blood transfusion.i pray God open thier eyes b4 it's too late for dem.

Azeez Adekoya Falcon
incredible, Imaging u allowed dem to carried out CS to deliver ur baby and refused Blood transfusion. Ignorant people I sayS

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