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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

WEIRD NEWS: Ex-Miss UNILAG Winner Dies Hours After Having SEX With a Ghost

Nigerian Beauty Queen, Ex-Miss UNILAG Winner Kessiana Salubi Killed By Ghost Lover, She Died In Sleep After He Proposed To Her Last week the shocking death story of ex-beauty queen Kessiana Salubi went viral on the net. Her immediate family members said she passed away in her sleep on Friday after returning from an outing. Investigation have now revealed that hours before her death, she went on a date with a suspected
ghost (Akudaya), a resurrected dead person living in a place far from his/her people. They said months before her death, she reportedly met the man at one of the new generation banks
in Lagos and one thing led to the other, they started seeing each other.
The guy was suppose to come and meet her family one week before her death but sadly she
passed on. They found the guy’s contact number and address from her notebook but on getting there, the family of the guy she went on a date with told them he
had passed on. The unidentified guy reportedly died in a car accident in Ilorin back in 2005 and shockingly, he resurfaced in Lagos again. All the calls put to his cellular number were never

He recently proposed to her.

Very sad!
May her soul rest in peace (amen).


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Elode Cedric likes this.
Sebastine Ejiofor Uroko
Tell me it is a lie

Endy Edeson
@uroko: such is life; we really have to be careful with the people we met. of course, it's true

Comrade Fagbenro Kolawole
Very difficult to believe.....well done Endy Edeson

Loloski Ifeoma
Jesus me.

Bertha Nnaji Steve
This sort of thing happened to my mum's friend. In her case, she has kids with the ghost. Terrible!!!
Like1Delete6 hours ago
Mac David
Ihe neme ooo ...!

Emman Abednegos
perilous times! the end is nearer now than ever! i pray we'll be counted amongts the Redeemed..

Tinuhannis George
Nawa o...rip

Birthdayboi Wizy
hmmmm true luv, even in death dey stil wana b 2geda

Peluola Tunde
Her soul will never, never, never rest in peace in Jesus name, that is one of disadvantages to be prostitute. HELL FIRE STRAIGHT.

Sule Beeti Snow Audu
Peluola tunde, are u for really ?! Did u read the story at all?

Ejiofor Ifeoma
edyson so tell me how do u know that she had sex with the ghost. fabricated story

Salako Stephen
R. I. P

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey
it was unfortunate. the lady did nothing wrong. it could be anybody. it just goes to prove that ghosts are very much around.. people must remain prayerful to ward off such

Birthdayboi Wizy
I dnt bliv d story,bt am bored lol n edyson stories r allways a hoot lol so am enjoyn it

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey
Endy has given graphical details... talking of not believing... whatever that means..names of the people involved are given... all the details are given.. what else would make a story believable? maybe Endy has to post photos of the duo making love? we are talking of an unfortunate situation that we need to guard against!

Birthdayboi Wizy
Enyinda if u r gulible dnt mean every1 shld b lyk u lol, pls I knw ppl lyk u,dat nids gossip n gist to mak dem fil betta abt demselves ,wit words lyk tanx God its nt me lol hmm

Ifeyinwa Nwanacho Ezeude
incredible indeed

Uche Eze Okor
please let me go and see with my two korokoro eye I dey come

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey
Oga mi Birthdayboi.. make u no vex too much for me nah. no be personal matter. when news appears for blog and the details are given... na d thing we dey talk so... make u no take am abuse me because me sef no abuse u.. make we no buy market for wetin no concern us...sorry abeg

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