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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

SEX EDUCATION: Sex During Menstruation Cures Menstrual PAINS and Women Enjoy Sex During This PERIOD

Period sex:Seriously, if she’s complaining that pain are killing her, offer to have sex and suggest it might help her pain go away. pains result from pelvic muscles pushing ova and uterine linings out; sex and the correlated thrusting, penetration, and orgasm(?) stretch those muscles out the other way and clear out debris. It’s like a warm-down. If height allows, have sex in the shower. Otherwise, put a towel down, have her on top, and shower after. If this squicks you out, think of it as extra lubricant.
Having sex on your period is absolutely safe. The myth that it’s dangerous originates largely from religious texts. Many people wrongly believed that women were “dirty” or “unclean” while menstruating, and for this reason, contact with menstruating women was limited or forbidden entirely. In fact, some religions still adhere to these practices; however, medically and secularly speaking, there is no reason not to have sex on your period.

In fact, sex while you are menstruating can help ease the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, or PMS. Many women say that orgasms can ease their cramps and the orgasmic contractions of the uterus offer a soothing internal massage. Also, orgasms release endorphins, natural painkillers and mood enhancers, which can help soothe the cramps, headaches, mild depression, and irritability sometimes associated with periods. Many women enjoy sex more when they are menstruating because of increased feelings of fullness in the pelvic and genital areas, which offer a head start on arousal.

Here are some tips to have safe, enjoyable sex during your period:
1. No muss, no fuss. If you are worried about staining your sheets, you can lay a towel down underneath you. You can also take things to the bathroom and have sex in the shower or the bathtub. Not only will it be a sensuous and exciting change from the norm, but it will also help to wash any blood away.
2. Try other activities. If you aren’t in the mood for intercourse, don’t give in to pressure. However, you can still reap the feel-good benefits of orgasm through masturbation. You can even enjoy oral sex during your period; it’s perfectly safe and healthy — although, as I said above, it’s very important to practice safer sex techniques (like using a dental dam).

3. Maintain your sex appeal. Sometimes when that time of the month rolls around, all you want to do is throw on your old sweats, lie on the couch, and gorge on feel-good snacks like ice cream and brownies. Unfortunately, foods such as these will only serve to make bloating and cramps worse, and lead to lethargy that will only add to your bad mood. Instead, commit to maintaining your sex appeal during your period. Some women claim that they feel sexy and powerful during their periods, so tap into that side of yourself and go out for a night of dancing. Getting active will help to keep your mind off your pains, and your partner won’t be able to resist your sensual moves.
Remember, your period doesn’t have to slow down your sex life!


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Bussy Duro and 2 others like this.


Bussy Duro and 2 others like this.
Ann Ab
God fobid bad thin

Endy Edeson
@ann: huh? u mean u can't do it if it has to cure your menstrual pain?

Oginni Samuel Oluwaseun
It is deadly.

Kachy Emmanuel
I wish to read pretenders comments!

Ann Ab
Which kind yeye pain is dat?

Ann Ab
Who is pretending here? Mind ur business

Polycarpz Igboon
Sexologist Endy, i gat your back for real......

Mbah Cynthia Nkeiruka
is it when ur body will be bitting u and body will be talking abt sex?

Mbah Cynthia Nkeiruka
even though its safe somethings ar not encouraging at all

Bussy Duro
Tnkz endy.lng tym

Salako Stephen
Hmhmhmhm real ok oooo

Kachy Emmanuel
I can see them above! ‪#‎Pretenders‬

Ann Ab
I hate it wen sum mumu's lik takin paracetamol for another man headache. Gosh

Endy Edeson
@Kachy: hahahaha. @Cynthia: well, there are precautions to take before embarking on 'MENSTRUAL SEX'. it is recommended you DO IT in shower when taking your bath, or the lady should wash herself properly before doing it. @Igboon: what's up? hope you are take it 'PELE PELE' with your woman especially when she is on her period. @Busy: yeah, good to see you. i've been around. @Ann: you are making me feel what KACHY EMMANUEL said is true. is it, i hope you are not among them?

Ann Ab
Ur business, not mine

Onyekachi Charles
yummy for d vampires. lol. I tried it sometime ago, but it ll kinda put you off mood

Mbah Cynthia Nkeiruka
not for people like meoooo

Esther Uchebe
Mmmmm,i love ur lecture.i feel me horny while am mestruating,but d oral sex during mestruation stil gots me thinking..who d hell would wanna do dat wit blood?except vampires.

Ayoola Oni
Correct endy...I think it's the best time for a lady to have sex

Endy Edeson
@eSTHER: i 'gbadun' your comment.. @Ayoola: hmmm. for the fact that others won't like it dosent mean it isn't recommended. to some women, it's the coolest moment of their lives to GET DOWN with their man. @ANN; i hope you aren't upset with the comment i directed to you. e ma beenu oo!

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