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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

POLITICS: "President Jonathan Has Failed The Nation And Deserve No 2nd Term" - Governor Fashola

Lagos State Governor, Batunde Raji Fashola has condemned the present administration and says the president does not deserve a 2nd term. While speaking at the opening ceremony of Women In Business Conference in Lagos on Monday, BRF lambasted the Transformation Ambassadors Of Nigeria (TAN) for deceiving Nigerians and the world that all was well with the country with their false numerous television adverts. According to him the rate of unemployment in Nigeria is too high and it’s rather unfortunate
that Nigeria a major oil exporter is depending on importation.
“Where the North East is under siege and the economy has continued to nosedive, the transformation ambassadors have continued to distort the true information that all is well. All it takes to cripple our economy by those countries from where we buy oil is to say they won’t sell to us any longer.

“We have seen a good example where the country was denied access from buying arms. This is the situation we are in as regards importation of oil. In 2010 alone, we spent N2.5trillion importing fuel into this country. Now, we have less money to import. If we can’t pay for our oil importation, we all know its implication for the country. In not too distant a future, the fuel queues will return.

“The government has yet to give us power as promised, they have yet to give us fuel, we have yet to see the standard highways they promised. There are so many Nigerians living without electricity.

“Within their transformation period, thousands of people in the North East have been killed, thousands turned refugee in their father land, over 200 girls are still in captivity of insurgents and the North East is still under siege. With all these, the transformation ambassadors are telling Nigerians that all is well.”

While rounding up his speech he said the present administration had in 2011 promised to generate 16,000 megawatts by 2013, including harnessing coal opportunity, wind and solar to generate 13,000 megawatts electricity, but nothing of such has been done till date.


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Yesterday at 08:20
Korlarworley K-one Holuwaphemmy
Loju riggin.............
EditedLike2DeleteYesterday at 08:26

DeDon Okeke
is fashola a saint himself. nonesense
Like1DeleteYesterday at 08:27

Monday Onoja
Transcorruption Of Nigeria
Like1DeleteYesterday at 08:35

Yusuf Akeem Sola
No one is a saint, but the government @ the centre is a total failure. BRF as performed creditably well.
Like1DeleteYesterday at 08:46

Tai Abio
@Okeke, is he saying d truth or u just want pdp and GEJ either good or bad? R u having 8hrs light everyday in ur area? R we politicking 4 d sake of our needs and our right or bcus pdp must win, i dn't have a clue of ur age but if u against Fashola's statement then u r just trying to let us knw dat Nigeria is in better shape, he may not be saint but president will account 4 d country while gov. Will account 4 state, dnt put blame of d country on governor when president is still rulling.
Like3DeleteYesterday at 08:53

Balogun Saheed
Fashola u check urself Idiot
LikeDeleteYesterday at 09:12

Hadi Ibrahim Daura
true talk pls sir don't mind those that supporting TAN terrorist agendar of Nigeria
LikeDeleteYesterday at 09:22

Yetunde Folashade Lawal Onuegbu
The truth has been said! hate him 4 saying d truth he came and conquered!
LikeDeleteYesterday at 10:04

Ekekwe Kelvin
Both are guilty of the same offence !!!
LikeDeleteYesterday at 10:14

LikeDeleteYesterday at 10:19

Nwachukwu C. Jonathan
take it or leave it, eventhough am 4rm south south GEJ has done nothing to warrant 2nd tenure
EditedLikeDeleteYesterday at 14:12

Nwankwo Perfectblend Uzoma
Anybdy saying der z constant power supply in Nigeria may u av lite for 2dayz n u r der saying der z nw constant power supply in nigeria nonsence!bfor i can strt comending dose inchrge of power supply in dz country den der must b light for 2weeks without blinking den b4 i can strt saying nigeria z nw overcoming d issue of power supply in nigeria.tnks
LikeDeleteYesterday at 14:25

Priceless Precious Alli
we v constant power in my area,you too chcek urself
LikeDeleteYesterday at 15:07

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