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Friday, 28 November 2014

POLITICAL UPDATES: 63 Senators out of 109 Sign plan to Impeach President Jonathan

SIXTY-three senators as of Thursday have signed up to the plan to impeach President Goodluck Jonathan in the upper legislative chamber, The PUNCH learnt in Abuja. One of the arrowheads of the move to remove Jonathan in the Senate showed our correspondent the list containing the signatures of the senators.
The source said eight Peoples Democratic Party senators were among the signatories to the planned impeachment notice.
There are 109 members in the Senate

An All Progressives Congress senator from the North-West zone, who asked not to be named, told our correspondent that the lawmakers’ major grouse was the President’s handling of the economy and political affairs of the country.
The senator cited poor implementation of the national budget since 2011, alleged high level of corruption and “gross disregard” of the legislature at both the federal and state levels as topping the list of lawmakers’ anger against Jonathan.
Asked whether he realised that the process of impeachment could be tedious and cumbersome, the senator said, “ We know and we are prepared to show the President that we have responsibility to the people and the nation in general.
“We are prepared to lay the impeachment notice anytime from next week. Meetings are already being held.”
Senator Ibrahim Musa (APC Niger North) confirmed that there were moves by some members of the Senate to initiate impeachment proceedings against the President but failed to give details.
“I think there is something like that but I don’t have the details, it is still coming as a rumour,” Musa said.
But The PUNCH learnt that the impeachment move against the President had really gained momentum with the APC senators mobilising themselves to carry out the exercise anytime from next week.
Investigations by our correspondent revealed that some PDP senators, who were initially at the forefront of the struggle, had retreated following the intervention of the senate leadership and the promise of automatic tickets by the party.
It was learnt that the PDP senators had been pleading with their APC colleagues to hold on till next week pending the outcome of the moves by the senate leadership to ensure the realisation of the automatic tickets agreement they had with the PDP and Jonathan.
An APC senator told our correspondent on condition of anonymity that the impeachment letter contains the signature of both the APC and PDP senators.
He explained that the letter could not be laid on the floor of the senate because some PDP senators appealed to them to delay the action.
He said, “The truth of the matter is that the impeachment notice would have been laid if not for our colleagues in the PDP who pleaded with us to delay the process pending when the senate leadership would come up with the result of its efforts at securing automatic tickets for them.
“In any case the process had started but if we submit the letter now, the signatures of the PDP senators will be there and the party might want to use that as an excuse to deny them their automatic tickets.”
The PDP senators contacted by our correspondent on the issue declined to make comment.
However, one of them who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the process of impeachment had not been suspended.



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Francis Oluwamayowa Tokede

I repeat in capital letters, I DON'T WANT THE MAN IMPEACHED.

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey

na 'plan' be dat... this is politics in action..

Ajala Niyi Samuel

impeach kor impeach ni

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey

the lawmakers were angry that some of them may have to be dropped at their various constituencies rather than being given automatic tickets to contest. it is all about greed...nothing new.. it has happened time and again
Unlike2DeleteFriday at 07:43

Arike Adejoke

Are they doing all dis for d masses or their own pocket mtcheew birds of d same feather
Like3DeleteFriday at 07:47

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey

na for dem pockets.....
LikeDeleteFriday at 07:47

Tobechi Okonkwo

Fools! I don't blame the senators. That is why OBJ called them National Assembly of Thieves. You accuse president GEJ of corruption, what have they been doing with there constituency allowance? This allowance running into millions of Naira is for the development of the hinterland but these old analogue fools with pocket the money for themselves and immediate family. To add insult to injury, they will share OKADA to the youths. POT CALLING KETTLE BLACK
Unlike1DeleteFriday at 07:48

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey

i have just written wetin dey ground... they cannot do it

Dahood Olalekan

dramatical senators!

Briggs Iwo Godson

So long as oil money iS still there they cant impeach J

Briggs Iwo Godson


Gire Miriam Kwasededoo Doose

no b small thing ooooo

Mazi Uche Chimadaada

Let them do it fast!

Ezeoke Emmanuel

let dem nt even try it ,bcoz dey wil nt find it easy wit nigerians

Mazi Uche Chimadaada

Gej was picked out of sentiment and to be use by the people that picked him, against their intended candidate Peter Odile, but they quickly discovered that he will disappoint them, people should look and think  beyond 2015, beyond GEJ and see who is using him, he will come in the public and castigate him, go in house and call him on phone and tell him don't mind them I'm confusing them, you must stay their to protect our interest, or else Buhari will jail all us and take back all this company they sold to themselves from maritime sector to oil, airlines, OBJ hand is there, who are fooling?, na una wey wan see and accept the truth.

Mazi Uche Chimadaada

Ezeoke, who are these Nigerians u are talking about? Do not include me cos I love what they wanna do.

Alice Ebinyo Omoni

they should do Wht thy like because no body is feeding any body . Since thy can't allow the young 2 grow . The old once are still fighting 4 position . While our youth are jobless and thy say we are giant of africa . We are just heading 2 no were in this country . Until those that need 2 step down 4 other s 2 rule .

Mazi Uche Chimadaada

Pls am not among. Am totally with them regarding the impeachment. Let him gv way!

Ezeoke Emmanuel

i will nt lyk him to be impeached lyk dat,i will all nigerians to deside wit der vote come 2015

Polycarpz Igboon

Too much talk....... No action pls!

Aduku Ameh Mayor

When will this drama end?

Emeka Solomon

mtcheew, who cares

Bill Chris

They are joking. Jonathan is above removal!
Like1DeleteFriday at 10:25

Don Simonee

You guys are dreaming.
LikeDeleteFriday at 10:42

Ogunbekun M Imoleayo

when you give a man without shoes something to wear, he will also want your clothes… i use to be a fan but his present victimization of the opposition has proven that he's power drunk, and am sure several people are also thinking along that line

Chukwunweike James Nnakwue Nnaemena

Message for the Holigans. Jonathan can never be impeached. Mark my words

Youngmoney Ojo Olusegun

Children play

Onyinye Nwosu-Ekemezie

They are all broke. They need some money joor.

Chimmy Ellis Udoye

Mazi you're a billy goat

Amaechi Paulo Bienonwu


Oyedeji Adeoluwa


Ezeokoye Fel Chika

Tales by moonlight
LikeDeleteFriday at 17:50

Priceless Precious Alli

fuck you all apc

Anuforo Osinachi James

No be una put am in the 1st place.

Olala Akuma

if dem like make e be 150 signature. nothing concern gej.untoucheable

Uche Eze Okor

Indian drama achina

Temitope Olatunji Arajuwa

few month to election nonsense

Benedict Okoh-esene

Gra gra. If they try it, that will be the end of Nigeria as presently constituted.

Temitope Adekanbi

Story 4 gods

Victorious Victor

Benedict i dnt suport u...

D best tin nigeria nids nw for peace nd stabilitu is for GEJ to leav aso rock...he was nd has nt bin fit for dat seat

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