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Thursday, 20 November 2014

POLITICAL UPDATE: Nigeria Speaker Aminu Tambuwal finally gains access into House

Speaker of the House of Reps Aminu Tambuwal has finally gained access into the House Chamber. There was chaos outside the Assembly complex this morning as police tried to prevent him and other lawmakers from entering the complex. Some had to scale the gates after all entry points were sealed off leaving only one open where many were thoroughly frisked and some turned back. There are allegations that most of the lawmakers turned back were from the APC. The police at some point even fired teargas and some lawmakers reportedly fainted.

Tambuwal, who had been prevented from driving through the second gate after passing through the first gate of the Assembly complex was smuggled into the Chamber by loyalists who overpowered security operatives at the second and third gate. The House has now gone into executive session.


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Emile Houessou
he will see mor

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey
now he is just like any other member of the house.... things have changed for him. those who advised him would be smiling privately because he is the one facing the whole pains

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey
now people readily jump to talk about impunity. a Speaker declares that he has decamped to another party. he announces that the House be on recess till December... thereafter his acolytes picked form for presidential candidature.. few days later he says he would no longer run for presidency.. he would prefer governorship. No one eats his cakes and has it back! I see confusion from a supposed leader

Sebastian Chukwudumebi Okonkwo
Naija politics. why is that those that defect from PDP to another party always have problem but people also defect from other parties to PDP without any trouble.

Olajide Young Johnson
Is It A Crime To Change Course When U See That It Leads To Failure?_ Anybody That Change From Pdp To Apc Alwayz Get Problem But Changing From Apc To Pdp Is Very Easy And Sweet Why Is Dat? To Me That Is Stupid Politics If U Call It That_ Arrant Nonsence__ Why Must He Be Bared From Entering D Assembly House? He Has D Right To Go Whenever He Want? No Future For This Country As Long As U Guyz Continue To Reason This Way

Sebastian Chukwudumebi Okonkwo
He has right to defect to any party of his choice and he also has right to rnter into d Assembly House and they should should stop to infringe on his right.

Olayanju Olusolapaul

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