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Thursday, 6 November 2014

MEXICAN MOVIE: - What Life Took From Me – The Summary

I have never seen Mexican movie as interesting as this one. In fact, i don't miss any episode on AIT. The story takes place in Aguazul (Blue Water) where Montserrat lives. Montserrat is a beautiful girl and her mother wants her to marry a wealthy man. Montserrat, despite doing everything her mother tells her, secretly maintains a relationship with José Luis of the marina, whom she plans to marry, though Jose Luis was a naval corporal with no wealth. Dimitrio, Montserrat's brother, discovers her relationship with José Luis and decides to tell his mother, and Graciela tries everything to separate the two through intrigue and lies.

At the same time, Alejandro, who is a ranch hand in a nearby hacienda and who was one of the favorite ranch hands of Don Benjamin Almonte, learns the truth about his origins. On his deathbed, Don Benjamin tells Alejandro that he is his father. Don Benjamin leaves all of his money and property to Alejandro. Alejandro does not receive the news well and goes riding on his horse towards the sea, where he meets Montserrat who mistakes him for Jose Luis. Thinking he is Jose Luis, Montserrat hugs Alejandro, and he falls in love immediately.
The situation becomes complicated when Montserrat does not agree to date Alejandro. Graciela decides to tell Montserrat the whole truth about their financial situation, and Montserrat eventually agrees to help her family by marrying Alejandro. In the meantime, José Luis, who was wrongly imprisoned for the murder of Bruno which he did not commit, escapes from prison and tells Montserrat the truth about everything that happened. But it is too late since Graciela has already managed to manipulate Montserrat into marrying Alejandro.
After much fighting with her own self, Montserrat soon discovers that her "love" for Jose Luis was merely puppy love, and that she has learned what true love is and should feel like with Alejandro. While she cared for Jose Luis, she did not love him; he merely taught her how to care for someone.
Tragedy struck when Alejandro died in a plane crash while running away to escape from police after it was found out that he was not the real son of Benjamin Almonte. Monserrate his wife and everyone that cared about him is in tears now, the story continues on AIT by 10pm


My Opinion:

Victor has no right to run away with another man's wife no matter what. I really pity Pedro Medina even though he seems to be the wicked one in the movie. Due to his inability to make love to a woman after mutilation of his manhood in a ghastly accident, he allowed Victor to imp-regnant his wife. but Victor went too far to run away with her, unfortunately, according to the last episode on AIT, Victor, Nadia "Pedro's Wife" and Alejandro died in a plane crash while running away from their various 'Crimes'.


·  Daniela Castro as Graciela Giacinti de Mendoza / Gaudencia Jiménez
·  Angelique Boyer as Montserrat Mendoza Giacinti de Almonte
·  Sebastián Rulli as Alejandro Almonte Dominguez
·  Luis Roberto Guzmán as José Luis Álvarez / Antonio Olivares
·  Sergio Sendel as Pedro Medina
·  Grettell Valdez as María Zamudio
·  Rogelio Guerra as Lauro Mendoza Sanromán
·  Ana Bertha Espín as Rosario Domínguez
·  Gabriela Rivero as Carlota Mendoza Sanromán de Basurto
·  Lisset as Fabiola Guillén Almonte / Fabiola Almonte Giacinti
·  Carlos de la Mota as Refugio Solares
·  Alejandro Ávila as Victor Hernandez
·  Alejandra García as Nadia Argüelles Beltrán de Medina
·  Osvaldo Benavides as Dimitrio Mendoza Giacinti
·  Ferdinando Valencia as Adolfo Argüelles Beltrán "El Alacran"
·  Verónica Jaspeado as Josefina Valverde de Mendoza
·  Margarita Magaña as Esmeralda Ramos de Solares
·  Alberto Estrella as Juventino Zamundio
·  Alexis Ayala as Ezequiel Basurto

·  Alejandra Procuna as Dominga García de Peralta


2 people like this.
Rosemary Michael
i like this soap wella

Rosemary Michael
endy what happened to them.

Endy Edeson
click the link above to find out. hope u gonna watch it tonight

Samuel Sawyerr
ENDY that Victor guy is a fool in the soap

Endy Edeson
@sam; u mean running away with nadia, pedro's wife?

Fiona Odey
I so much Luv d soap,but wahala if those people die o

Roseline Yucee Amua
Endy Alejandro, Victor & Nadia haven't showed up & their bodies weren't discovered. I suspect Alejandro is still alive o, he can't end just like that na.

Endy Edeson
@ROSEline; i guess so too. i wonder what he is going to explain to his family if he eventually show up. his kid, little Laura is already grown up now, still no trace of him

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