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Sunday, 9 November 2014

FUNNY NEWS: 10 Silly Things That People Do During Church Service

As A Youth, Which Of These Are You Guilty Of In The Church ? 1. When the pastor starts preaching against fornication and promiscuity and you are guilty of it, discomfort overwhelms you 2. Virtually everybody in the church are singing a particular song and you don't know it, you start wishing the song could quickly come to an end

3. When the pastor starts preaching against having a girl friend/boyfriend, you start feeling uncomfortable especially when your crush is present in the church, and you are like " this pastor just wan spoil my show sha "

4. When the lady you wish to date is present in the church and the pastor start advising the young ladies not to open their legs for any dude until after marriage, inwardly, you are like "wetin dey worry dis pastor now"

5. When the pastor start preaching against examination malpractice and you are guilty of it, you start feeling uncomfortable

6. When your Sunday school teacher starts calling out names for opinion and suggestions, you start feeling a bit nervous because your name might be called

7. After standing tirelessly and praying for hours, immediately the pastor says " In Jesus name we have prayed" you are so happy that the prayer has come to an end, only for the pastor to continue the prayer

8. Staring at a guy/lady and you got carried away, only for you to forget the prayer point

9. Your pastor calls a Bible verse and within 5 seconds, you start asking the person sitting next to you

10. The pastors are laying hands on people and you are watching them while they fall under anointing, but you are a bit nervous because you might also fall.


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Jimoh Wilson
am guilty of 2

Olajide Olushola
na true talk. many people dey guity oo

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