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Saturday, 15 November 2014

CURRENT AFFAIRS: One Dollar $1 is Now N172.4 Kobo (Nigeria Keeps On Depreciating Against American Dollar)

Naira is suffering its biggest official depreciation since November 2011, as the currency depreciated by 54 kobo at the official foreign exchange market. In fact it’s really sad to see Naira depreciating to other currencies on a daily basis. Imagine, $1 (One Dollar) is now ₦172.4.  This followed the continued decline in the nation’s external reserve, as the foreign exchange market defied all efforts of the apex bank to curtail foreign exchange demand and restore confidence in its ability to defend the Naira.


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13 November at 19:24Edited
Anita Lopez and 2 others like this


Tai Abio
Too bad

Commzy James
na wa for nAIJA. before 1 naira is one dollar

Olajide Olushola
nigeria has long way to go

Olajide Olushola
endy thumps up for the info

Shukar Sugarmix Khadibia
Bcos our leaders want it so

Shukar Sugarmix Khadibia
it makes them richer..........bcos they store their monies in dollars

Hadi Ibrahim Daura
mr Endy bcos stealing is not corruption in nigeria

Ayoola Oni
And gudluck is going for 2nd term With all this crisis, economy meltdwn, insurgency etc.... I Wonder what this nation is up to

Endy Edeson
@Ayoola: it also baffles me. i hope GOODLUCK gets it right in 2nd tenure

Ayoola Oni
So u think he is coming to make things right this 2nd term? Wake up man, we all knw hw politics roll in nigeria, he has done all he could trust me

Endy Edeson
@ayoola. you have a big point. without taking sides, JONATHAN is not meant to go for second tenure considering all the havoc in his administration. lets see if boko haram will stop when someone else occupies ASO ROCK

Emmanuel Divine
if Na because of Boko Haram, guy i rather vote 4 Goodluck even for third tenon than to allow northerners to rule this country, infact they should go and form another group boko haram is too small to stop Goodluck . the depreciation of naira didn't started with Goodluck, see there's one thing most people don't know in this country and that how to say NO to injustices, the journey to stop injustices is not a one day journey, Goodluck have tried for this country and he is still ready to do more, He is a man I respect all this boko haram nd all that its because the Northerner are afraid nd confused, you talk about havoc, who are those causing it? You guys think, just because Mr Goodluck want to declare his intention to rule in 2015 the cows went and bomb innocent sch students, we have seen it all . Mr president Goodluck is a leader

Alaribe Okechukwu Stanley
Endy you mentioned bokoharam, if i may ask you, this boko boys are they bombing yoruba's land or have they bomb anywhere in igbo land? Then think. Let me tell you guys that has been against jonathan's second term, wether you like it or not jonathan is going there and if you dont like it, you can aswell go and hug your street transformer. Why can't we see the positive things which this man has done, we only focused our energy on where he made one mistake or the other. Endy the major problem we have in this country is (TRIBALISTIC) If everyone in this country will come out to support any of our president, tell me the reason why he will fail us.

Engr God'stime O Odia
5 naira no day among nao my people?

Ayoola Oni
U guys shld think before posting okay! Y will u tell som1 to hug transformer, I dnt blame u though, b4 gudluck became president is terrorism at this rage? He has tried n let another person also try it 4 another four yrs, these killings is getting out of hand..... those that are affected Will do everything to make it stop not u pple that knWs nothing but to blab

Jones Ifekayode
@emmanuel grow up,when you say northerners that is a very reckless word.

Chuks Danny
ayoola... u re xo point...

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