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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

WOMB TRANSPLANT: Woman Delivers Baby with a ‘Borrowed’ Womb

A Swedish woman has become the first in the world to give birth after a womb transplant. The 36 year-old mother, who was born without a uterus, received a donated womb from a friend in her 60s. The British medical journal The Lancet says the newborn was delivered by caesarean section in the 31st week of pregnancy. He weighed 3.9 pounds — normal for that stage of pregnancy - and both mother and child are now at home doing well.

The identity of the Swedish parents, has not been released, but the baby's father described his son as “amazing”.

Liza Johannesson, a gynaecological surgeon in the team, said: "It gives hope to those women and men that thought they would never have a child, that thought they were out of hope.”

Amidst the excitement of the birth of their child, the elated couple will soon have to decide if they want another one and if they decide not to expand their family, the womb would be removed.
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