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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Pastor E.A. Adeboye Says “Marriage is not Compulsory, It is Better to Remain Unmarried”

This is the pure truth but you need an open mind to accept it. Contrary to what the bible says that a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh, the general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye condemned marriage in his new book titled “Journey to Marriage”. Prior to the new book, Pastor Adeboye have joined several pastors in Nigeria who have been making explosive statement both on the social media and in the Christendom. Journey to Marriage is said to be a book with all humility which tells you all you need to know on whether to get married or not and also serve as a spiritual guidance and preparations for your wedding.

In the book, the man of God started by saying that not everybody will marry.

“Please let this point be clear from the beginning. Marriage is a very beautiful thing, but when you think seriously about the matter the one who does not marry is better than the one who does. Almost all the mighty men tremendously used by God never married.

Such people include Elijah, Elisha, Paul, Jesus, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Stephen. Somehow, they ‘did not get into the “trouble” I am happy being married, like somebody said, like trailer it drags you.”

“The bible says clearly that those who are not married mind only the things of God, while those who are married mind the things of their husbands and their wives”

“I have a rough idea that when we get to heaven those who are not married will score higher marks than those of us who are married.” So your first step to marriage therefore should be to ask God if he wants you to marry or not according to the man of God.

“If the answer is negative then pray to God to let you settle down and begin your work for him. You could argue that it is God who says we should increase and multiply.

Yes but do all those who marry get children? Man of God concluded.


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Endy Edeson
@asiko: is not evrything our religious leaders tell us we should do. well. that's his personal opinion
LikeEdit3 hours ago
Jimoh Wilson
he is dAMN wrong
LikeDelete3 hours ago
Olayode Israel Ola-adua
Endy, I'll like you to be mindful of your dictions. "Condemn" as used is not appropriate, he was only making known his opinion. If he had condemed marriage, I would have been the first to "challenge" him on why he remains married. Please take note!
Like1Delete2 hours ago
Khadibia Shukar
He has spoken alright with the bible.....marriage is nt compulsory......it is in Nigeria that many pple jump in marriage just bcos everyone seems to be getting married.......is getting married actually suppose to be counted as an achievement in life? I dont think so except one makes it so for his or herself
EditedUnlike1Delete2 hours ago
Ekekwe Kelvin
Pls he didn't mean that it is wrong or sin to marry but that its not a must.
Like2Delete2 hours ago
Aruoture Goodie
Na wa 4 sm ppl way of conclusion oo, he didnt say u shudnt marry, is only tryin 2 say if marriage is gna stop ur union wt God, den thnk well b4 u jump into it...
Like1Delete2 hours ago
Olajide Olushola
endy you are right
LikeDelete2 hours ago
Shola Afolabi
Endy, please learn to write without concluding for your subjects. As an unbiased journalist, you ought to leave the conclusion for your readers.. it not fair of you..
Like1Delete1 hour ago
Khadibia Shukar
‪#‎Shola‬ endy is fond of making conclusions and so he shudnt be called a journalist. In professiona journalism there are ethics......U must write from an unbiased point of view and let ur readers reach their conclusions......kudos to ‪#‎endy‬ though, he is tryin and will improve
Like1Delete1 hour ago
Bekere Becky Afaka
thats his own opinion.he aint God.i follow d word of God ,not word of pastor. afterall these days pastors divorce their wives and even encourage masturbation. some travel abroad for check up and ask poor ignorant members to use miracle hanky or holy water to cure sickness. i will marrry o.for that is what God created me to fulfil-to be a mans helpmate.
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