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Thursday, 25 September 2014

PASTORS AT WAR: Pastor Tunde Holds Grudges Against Bishop Oyedepo, Tears His Book

Oh most people didn’t know Pastor Tunde Bakare actually tore one of Bishop David Oyedepo’s books after going through it and finding a line which he believes contradicts his faith. Pastor Bakare went ahead and tore the book and even said he told the Bishop when he met him and accused him of tearing his book that, Oh I didn’t tear your book, it became mine the day I bought it. …

I try within my God given ability to teach the truth. The reason I fought with my friend, Bishop David Oyedepo and tore his book, I remember when we resolved this problem in London. We came out of the plane; he took me aside and said he was angry with me because I tore his book. I said I didn’t tear your book, I tore my own book. That time you wrote it and I bought it, so it was my book I tore.

I saw errors in that book; he said the anointing oil is not a symbol of the Holy Spirit, that it is the life of God in a bottle. How can you write that and I would let it pass? No! If the anointing oil is the Holy Spirit, then Jesus is a lamb walking on four legs. These are metaphors and when you have the real…, you leave the shadow. Besides, it is for the sick in the New Testament. So, you can anoint the entire church if they are sick but I wonder how a sick church can bring healing to a dying world.

QUESTION: Do Christians Believe in One God, If So, Why Do They Have Contradicting Believes

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Polycarpz Igboon
Pastor Tunde is a brilliant man.....
Unlike2Delete1 hour ago
Endy Edeson
@Polycarpz: that's why i always say, we christians should scrutinize what our pastors say. if it is out of point, we should either reject it or even question them
EditedLike2Edit1 hour ago
Polycarpz Igboon
Mr Blogger,

LikeDelete1 hour ago
Osas Agbonifo
this issue is an old one, and the two are friends irrespective of the different way of interpreting the scripture
Like1Delete1 hour ago
Osas Agbonifo
However! Pastor Bakere is very Intelligent, and he will not turn the other way when he sees error, especially in the christian dom
Like2Delete1 hour ago
Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina
Pst. Bakare was right. That analogy was flawed. It didn't even sound right to me when I heard it.
Like1Delete1 hour ago
Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina
Commercialization is what causes most disagreements. Maybe they wanted to sell lots of oil. You know many Christians are blind and don't read the bible.
Unlike2Delete1 hour ago

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