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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Job Hunting Tips for University Graduates

Salary is one of the most important factors to look out for. A good remuneration strategy shows that the company places value and commitment in its employees. The salary should be market-related meaning; it should be in accordance to what the average salary in that field of work is. A good job is the one that recognises and rewards your performance and effort, acknowledging that the part you play is critical to business success.

1. Work-life balance/flexi hours
A good company is one that recognises you have other non-work related responsibilities and provides adequate time off to attend to those. This can be done either through leave days, vacation days and even maternity leave. During interviews, don’t be scared to ask for flexible working hours and work from home options. With the availability of affordable broadband almost anywhere, working from home has become a big possibility.
2. Medical cover and other benefits
Most people tend to overlook the importance of other compensation benefits that are nearly as important as your monthly salary. A good company has a comprehensive compensation and benefits strategy that includes medical and life insurance, bonuses and even a pension contribution fund.

3. Career development
No one likes doing the same thing over and over again. As a recent graduate, you would want to consider a job that helps you to develop your skills and abilities to make you better at what you do and essentially more  profitable in the market. Coming from University you will realise that the journey of learning has actually started not ended. Try by all means to ask about the company’s training and development strategy before you accept the job. This is probably more important than the salary you earn as it will determine where you end up in your career life.

4. Understand the job itself
A simple one line description of what the job is about does not do justice in informing you what the duties and responsibilities of the job entails. It’s very important to understand the job that you are applying to. The job should have a concise and precise job profile clearly outlining the job specification and requirements highlighting the 4 Ps:

a. Purpose of the job
b. Picture – how the job fits into the bigger picture of the organisation
c. Plan of action to achieve goals
d. Part - what part the job plays in all of this.

It should clearly outline the soft skills that are needed to do the job as well. If you have any questions, it’s better to ask them upfront than to be unpleasantly surprised once you start the job.
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