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Tuesday, 4 March 2014


 As the world marks the 14th International Sex Worker's Rights Day today, Nigerian sex workers have joined their counterparts in some countries to demand for legal recognition of their trade as a job.
*Sex workers in a protest
Some of the prostitutes told reporter that the time had come for the Nigerian government to grant them their due recognition and further recognise that as human beings trying to keep body and soul going, the 'profession' should be considered legitimate enough to put a stop to its discrimination and stigmatisation.
Though many of them did not realise that a day like this was set aside for them until they were told, they also called on rights activists to assist them gain the desired recognition.
"See, many people, including you, do not see us as human beings. In your mind, we are a condemned set of Nigerians who sell their bodies so cheaply, but that thought is not right," Jane, a lady from eastern Nigeria who operates at a brothel close to the railwayline in Agege, told our correspondent.
Her colleague, a 27-year old from southern Nigeria, said with their rights recognised, they could pay tax to the government and to be seen as decent people in the society.
"In some countries abroad, sex workers pay taxes. There is no discrimination, they can sue and even have streets, mainly in red light districts allocated to them to carry out their trades.
"But here in Nigeria, we are faced with rejection from the society, serious harassment by the police, and victimisation by our customers.
"You can imagine a customer who rushes into this place in a desperate bid to ease himself, jumps at one of us after a bargain and rides like a horse only to renege on the agreement on how much he should pay. If we have our rights, we could call for his arrest without shame or molestation from security agents and other Nigerians," she explained.
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  • Don Simonee Hahahahahaaaa...I don die oooo!!!!
  • Enyinda Nathaniel Okey i no recognize o... but when nepa take light for night i fit dey find them
  • Kpenose Toju World ashawo day ko, world sex day ni... E clear say dem no well
  • Tari Consul lmao... them neva even start... they can as well ask 4 a state of their own. mstcheeew
  • Abdullahi Zanna magannan banza daga bakin mutanen banza.
  • Aio-Ti Timeless oh yes they are right to demand what they like its Nigeria and anything goes nation run by idiots for idiots
  • Akolade Bright Naheem · Friends with Ibrahim Morebest Muritala
    Agent of sodomy &gomorrah
  • Treasure Mozie Some of this guys critisizin them are often GREAT PATRONIZERS or CUSTOMERS if u like
  • Orisasona Olajide Samuel I pray God should find dem on time. dat dey will be use full for him ooooooo in jesus name
  • Tari Consul timeless. hope u aint a nigerian cuz if u r u js calld urself an idiot.. lol
  • Aio-Ti Timeless Maybe if the Fed. govt. legalized the profession, they can tax them as the do in some countries
  • Endy Edeson @Timeless; i don't the senate can enact or support such law in Nigeria. our govt is very good in turning their back on such immoralities
  • Treasure Mozie They may turn their back on the idea which is ok but this same people in government do thinz much more worse than dis
  • Aio-Ti Timeless @ Tari Consul, Well I am not a Nigerian, I am a Bini man and in my reality Nigerian does not exist, as I have never voted for any idiotic self serving morons who meanly work with their Imperialist masters to enslave their own people. so technically I cannot be classed as an idiot if I have never voted for and idiot in the artificial entity called Nigeria lol
  • Orisasona Olajide Samuel If dey support such tin we should wait for God anger
  • Awe Oluwaseyi Wonders shall never end
  • Orisasona Olajide Samuel I think we should pray for dem ooooo
  • Maduekwe Judith heh even Jane....i go tel ur mama
  • Aio-Ti Timeless Endy, the fact is that is that industry is not properly regulated and left to continue as its stand, it more harmful to those in the sex industries, their patronages and the wilder social but sadly Nigerian is a nation with bunch of clueless fools who rule the nation are only concerned with looting the nation dry.
  • Jonathan Emeka Onwuli If Govt shud legalize such, in time coming dey wud also go on strike as ASUU nd ASUP dos in order to distuct money from d Federal Govt. Cuz to me itz an immoral business, evn some prostitutes go extra mile ruining people's marraige. So Govt shud'nt listen to any rubbish so called 'Sex workers'
  • Michael Ikechukwu Owoh Have u ever considered how long eternity (forever ) is and where you want to spend yours? Would it be heaven or hell (you must choose one or he'll would choose you ). Remember GOD would judge you whether you like it or not, you Don't have a chioce. The good news is that Jesus still love's you, can help you, lead you, guide you through it all to heaven and doesn't want you to roast in hell forever unless you choose to. Say this prayer PRAYER FOR REPENTANCE Lord Jesus I have decided from my heart to denounce the devil and all his works and accept you and your works of righteousness and holiness and preaching the Gospel, bearing witness to you and to work for you as a disciple to reconcile the world to God through what you accomplished on the cross at Calvary, I now know and believe you died on the cross to set me free from sin, death, powers of darkness and condemnation to eternity in hell fire, that am not saved by my hard work or good deeds but by your grace. I beg you my ever loving Jesus to accept me back as one of your lost sheep, I sincerely want you to come into my life and takeover every aspect of my life because I trust you with it, please live in my heart so that I may have the life you promised. I surrender to you in all totality have your way Lord Jesus deliver me from my ignorance. I sincerely make this prayer from my heart because I totally believe in your saving power and grace. I can boldly say am saved, free from satan and his tricks dropping every doubt. Amen. Jesus said in him that there is no condemnation. If a man be bornagain he is a new creation old things have passed away all things have become new (meaning Jesus restores all we have lost spiritually ) praise our lord Jesus Christ amen. REMAIN IN THE TEACHINGS OF JESUS FOUND IN MATTHEW, MARK ,LUKE, JOHN AND Exodus 20:1-17 BE FREE AND HEAVEN SURE. share if you love ur friends
  • Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina Anybody that supports their so called job to be legalized need a reality check. We aint the west. Cos their culture allows some things doesnt mean we too should. Its time we throw away our constitution and draft a new one that'll be guided by reason and that will account for cultural beliefs not imposed by the stupid colonial masters who are barbaric and so afraid they deem us inferior.
  • Endy Edeson @timeless; right from the beginning of time, human are living in imperfection. Don't you think your words are too harsh to describe your leaders?
  • Anita Hart I call them(prostitutes) demons in human clothing! they better go for deliverance and stop breaking homes. worthless souls
  • Aio-Ti Timeless At Endy, my words are not harsh at all, to be honest, first and foremost, they are not my leaders, if you know really understand the depth of how selfish, and evil these people you call your leaders, you wouldn't think the way you think about them now. If I have had it my they will all be purged because these same people are anti-humans in every way you may want to think about it, exact you are a beneficiary of their loot of the Nigerians people common wealth.
  • Aio-Ti Timeless Its very sad that the an average Nigerian cannot engage critically when evaluating the sad sorry state of their nation without being sentimental and apologetic towards those who collectively facilitate their persisting sufferings.
  • Uwax Lazarus @ timeless ur notin bt a good for noting bastard, how dare u call Nigerians clueless fools, is ur country better dan Nigeria? If not for Nigeria, will u still be alive by now...u good for notin immigrant have d guts to call Nigeria names
  • Uwax Lazarus How many Nigerians are u feeding in ur hood? And y do u leave ur God forsaken country to Nigeria knowing dat our leaders are dat bad???
  • Aio-Ti Timeless Mr. Uwax Lazarus, you just shown how little and pathetic you are, Plus you are very ignorant in your whole conception of who I am and where I am from. Its Nigerian with such little narrow, ignorant mind that as ensure those in political sphere in the Imperialist entity called Nigeria have subordinated you to just accept the being subjugated in your own fatherland. I need not waste my time arguing with a fool who just proved right on my above comment. I just wondered why you are so unsettled by the truth about your reality. .
  • Aio-Ti Timeless Uwax Lazarus, I have helped more Nigerians than you and your pathetic clueless, thieving and corrupt Nigerian government has ever done for any Nigerian. Man why do you speak as if you reason with your ass?
  • Uwax Lazarus Oooh Mr holy timeless, Mr know it all, wot have u changed with all ur knowledge, don't u knw its useless to talk of other pple s fault, wen u can not be d change...we are all guilty of bad Nigeria, if u are a Nigerian, y not kip shot n do ur part to better ds nation dan calling it names....#fact
  • Osaro Amienabu Eric @ anita check ur picture profile what is d different btw u & them?
  • Obiokor Nancy @ anita check urself yu so luk like them..lol,if yu don't knw wat to say read nd don't comment..wheather yu haff one bf or nt yu fuck nd they also fuck so yu also need deliverance
  • Robinson Emeke Ikebueze @Uwax Lazarus, Timeless does not deserve your acerbic words. It is our political leaders that he (Timeless) referred to as "bunch of fools and looters." Or can you say in all sincerity that our political leaders based on how they have been running our country and looting our resources thereby throwing the citizens into a state of hopelessness and forcing them to live under sub-human conditions, deserve our praises? Man, you should take it easy on Timeless because he has spoken the truth.
  • Kenneth Enekwe · Friends with Okezieorji Adaeze Patra
    what have u people done to change d environment arwnd yuh, instead u r here insultin ur selfs...
  • Priceless Pat Alli There is A big problem ooo I see the best in them ln Jesus name that one day they come to know Christ,this some of act they should be ashamed of ,instead they r so pround of it.Satan is a big liar.
  • Olufemi Adekunle Rotty Many of them were pushed to that profession by the wickedness of some of us commenting here.
  • Salako Stephen let Govt ans them now
  • Anita Hart @Osaro eric ,and Obiokor. I don't hv time for fools like u who indulge themselves in anything dat comes their way. bcs I knw dat u two are agents of darkness. continue to support evil! it ll surely locate u both in a way that ll make ur blind eyes to open
  • Anita Hart @ Osaro and Obiokor nancy, I am happily married to ONE man, unlike sm pple who still look for their likes outside their matrimonal home
  • Endy Edeson

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