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Monday, 10 March 2014


 ; Reports coming out say 5 Boko Haram members from Adamawa State tried to attack T.B. JOSHUA church today. One of them was aprehended. More details later
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  • Muhammad Ma'aji Muhammad hmmmmm hmmmmm hmmmmm
  • Kingsley Osaghae Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • Chigozie Emeribe Yeah I watch it on Emmanuel Tv Live this afternoon wonders
  • Mxolisi Khumalo He ddnt see it coming?
  • Monday Ohi Obadan Publicity stunt....
  • Joseph Jsapphire Boko haram in lagos,hmm
  • Khadibia Shukar @khumalo, did Jesus christ not know that men were coming over to arrest and crucify HIM? Stop tryin to mock a man of God
  • Benjamin Timinipere Youdiowei · 3 mutual friends
    God is on d throne,He had given us power to tread upon d powers of d enemies
  • Ajape Phemi They are coming to end up in destruction now
  • Muhammad Ma'aji Muhammad How come he ddnt see them comin or is his vision are..............
  • Rhoda Maji Yerima Muhammed he saw it coming, he has been praying and battling it and that was why they didn't succeed, don't u get it ????? U won't understand cos u r in the dark . I pray ur sight be opened!!!
  • Mxolisi Khumalo For there shall arise false Christs andfalse prophets, and shall show greatsigns and wonders.....they shall deceivethe very elect." Matthew 24:24We have sounded the warnings and willcontinue to raise the alarm so that thosewho have ears to hear, could hear ! It isour duty to God and to fellow christians who are seeking to know the truth. People have the choice to call it whatever they want, but we would not be deterred. Youcan check whatever we say by the Bible,and if it does .My problem with T B Joshua is that notonly is he a false prophet, he also claims to be messiah. T B Joshua is not satisfiedto remain an ordinary false prophet, butwants to exalt himself as messiah as well,and it is only people who are ignorant ofthe Scriptures who'd think he is messiah.And, by the way, there is no messiah, butJesus Christ alone, the only Mediator between God and mankind.
  • Raphael Da Arch Angel HMMMM, Hmmm , Hmmmm everywhere. Make i jejely donate my own Hmmmmmm.
  • Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina False flag, false flag, false flag. Boko Haram isn't ready to spread their tentacles to Lagos. No scratch that, their handlers aren't ready yet. Why? Too much to lose when that happens.
  • Prince Olubuse Tosinoscopolo Social media reaction and response to the Boko Haram's Failed Attack At Synagogue Church Of All Nations-- TODAY!! The man is supposed to be an average hausa man, born and bred in adamawa state but how come he don't have hausa accent? No matter how small, even Dangote has that accent talkmore of a slow bh or 'wannabe' b.h. If what i'm thinking is true, they all took it too far. the police should arrest that man, charge him to court openly, as they're currently showing pistorous case and then prosecute him, till they do so, it's still acting. The power of God arrested d boko haram membaz nd brought confusion upon dem D 4 oda membaz wia confused nd seperated while 1 entered the synagogue...he is yet to b delivered D member also mentioned dt boko haram is a cult, nd dey get initiated through arabic words on paper wich r soaked nd drunk The membaz wia 5 in numba, bt d 1 dt entered d scoan mentioned dt d 4 went wit d bomb...d man wasn't specific though, bt he seems to be well educated cus he hs gud english I doubt the authenticity of this story and I don't want to just dismiss everything as script acting. If the people mentioned here are really boko haram members, then they should be handed over to the authorities for questioning. I don't see what the deliverance session is supposed to achieve. P.S: Nigerians are so naive. Lol. Danny,concerning the power,i no go lie you,the power wey dey that place BOKU. Having watched some of thier LIVE services in the past,this doesnt come as a surprise to me, cos I have seen things happen there that are far more amazing than this.. As for the source of the power, i am in no position to say anything about that. All i know is that---- That man has helped thousands!!The other 4 ran away with the bomb? And he came to scoan to do what? Bomb the church with what? With his good English? Mtcheewwww.... I'm surprised the sss and other relevant authorities are yet to storm the church and retrieve the so called boko member! I wish T.B Joshua fit relocate him SCOAN ministry to those Boko Haram enclave(Borno,Yobe and Adamawa states). I'm sure the power operating in SCOAN will attract the boko boys like magnet. I still don't understand how this was a failed bomb attack! 5 people planned to bomb a church; 4 changed their mind and went away with the bomb a day before the sunday service; one came forward to the church without a bomb claiming to be part of the original plan! The SSS should pick that guy up! By the time the pull out two of his teeth with pliers, he will say the truth!
  • Paul Jiya Serious matter hmmmmm
  • Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina @ Prince. You sir deserve a medal. You're good thinking and rational. Just the kinda person I like. Hausa's almost always have the accent as you mentioned just like the average igbo man, yoruba too. That's hard to miss. BH a cult? Hardly any cult does suicide bombings and go all political, economical and religious with their stuffs publicly. But you know fear almost never let people think. They just hear BH and go all ballistic with fear. Did I mention that you deserve a medal?
  • Mxolisi Khumalo Jesse and Prince you guys are the best, issaih 8 v 20 to the law and testimony if they speak not according to this word it is because there is no truth in them...just the other day T.B Joshua was on the wrong side of history for taking another man's wife. Test the spirit if they are of God?
  • Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina @ Khumalo. Thanks. I believe in actions and inactions. Motives and deeds. Some men of God do good deeds and that's fine but doing good doesn't save you, its faith that does. If the repentant bomber was for real then he should be in a cell now cooling off.
  • Wilson Agbi Those are the enemy of the church and the nation very soon they will be totally destroy because God will visit them and co fanatics with his fury.
  • Ogunsina Olutade He saw them coming. I am very dissapointed with these Hausa comment. What are dey celebrating?
  • Amy Jenny · Friends with Euphemiah King and 1 other
    Dat marks d end of Bokoharam. Thank u Jesus
  • Mxolisi Khumalo No offence, but I ve just notice you guys like sayin "Hmmm" mybe it means something else in Nigeria?
  • Muhammad Ma'aji Muhammad hmmmm @ ogunsina he saw them comin hmmmm
  • Endy Edeson

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