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Monday, 10 March 2014


Ndi Igbo Facebook page
; A man in Lagos is in the custody of the Special Fraud Unit of the Nigeria Police Force after it was revealed that he had opened 25 accounts all within the same bank.
39-year-old Okonkwo Nwachukwu is said to have opened the 25 accounts in Zenith Bank within the space of 3 days.The accused was on his way to open the 26th account when he was apprehended by security officers.The Eagle Online reports:
Detectives attached to the SFU believe that the suspect had defrauded many financial institutions. Nwachukwu however denied doing anything fraudulent with the several accounts, stressing that he had to open the accounts because of the cashless policy in Nigeria.
According to the SFU spokesperson, Ngozi Isintume-Agu, a petition dated February 12, 2014 was received by the Commissioner of Police in charge of the SFU, alleging that Nwachukwu appeared at Amuwo Odofin Branch of Zenith Bank to open a savings account and presented an already completed savings account opening package with the name Obiozor Ifeanyi.
He had also identified himself as such with a National Identity Card. The petitioner said that while the Customer Service Office was checking the documents, the suspect went to the Marketing Unit and collected another savings account opening package and completed same with another name, Ogueji Nnamdi, and returned to the Customer Service Desk and presented same for account opening with another National Identity Card bearing Ogueji Nnamdi.
Isintume-Agu said: “The Petitioner told us that this attempt to open another savings account within minutes with another identity, made the Customer Service Officer to become suspicious. She decided to search the system with phone number 08162502677, which had been supplied by the suspect and discovered that he had already opened about 25 savings accounts at various branches bearing different names.
“The suspect confessed to the alleged crime but stated that the multiple accounts he opened was to enable him run his business successfully. He said that the cashless policy does not allow him to withdraw huge sum of money in one account and as such, he was advised to open multiple accounts so as to spread his money,” revealed Isintume-Agu.
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  • Vera Obiuwevbi kai nna eeh
  • Ogbodo Henry C Wots wrong wit it?
  • Ugo David Onyedikachi WONDAZ WILL NEVA END
  • Esther Uchebe He is evening a fool for puting all his eggs in one basket...
  • Chukwunonso Nzekwe You are a big FOOL for highlighting him as an IGBO MAN and not a NIGERIAN. You are simply a tribalist. Endy I believe u are going somewhere but with this character u won't go anywhere.....
  • Chibueze Kelvin hahahaha seriously the Man is a fool @ 40. why can't him open it at another egg? must it be in one egg. this is nonsense.
  • Endy Edeson @nzekwe; how dare you insult me over nothing? what is wrong highlighting him as Igbo? he is Igbo and i have to address him as such. no tribalism here.
  • Akhigbe Wilfred Is there a law against opening of multiple accounts? If he havent committed any serious financial offence, he should be left off the hook. And he should be appropriately advised by the bank on what to do to transact his business successfully without carrying much cash around.
  • Primacy Chigozie Why addressed him as an igbo man.ur have lost it all eddison.
  • Jamil Imodibie Igbomen!some of dem na dia way b dat.
  • Blessing Makanjuola pls take it easy on Eddy, d last time he use a yoruba man in one of his caption I feel d same way, but he should just be neutral in his news. thanks
  • Jegede Gabriel Olamide You people needs to exercise patience, because nothing wrong by addressing him as an Igbo Man. LET US MIND OUR SPEECH HERE. MAY God the lord help us.
  • Jamil Imodibie Endy carry go,dats 1tin abt we nigerians wen som1 is say d truth we dnt like such pasin,issues like dis wud soon turn 2 a tribalistic,religious n political issues cos we c tins in a wrong differend ways.ENDY Keep d gud work i like it.
  • Endy Edeson @blessing; i mean no harm in any of my headlines. it's just my style of writing as an independent blogger.
  • Precious Origbo he is a criminal duping people here and there.
  • Emmanuel Abara-Benson There is definitely something suspicious about the development; i mean, why use different identities to open several accounts in the same bank? There are several banks in this country, and those banks need custimers! Maybe he intended no fraud, but most times ignorance is no excuse in law...and what he has done is tantamount to financial fraud. @Endy, in order not to insight tribalism (whether or not intended), i will advise that you cease emphasizing people's ethnic extractions when reporting; simply refer to them as Nigerians and let their names tell the rest of the story. Appologies to all who are offended.
  • Jeremiah Chukwuma Thats not the way you write. You believe it would get more people to comment and all these tribal bigots to go after one another (Neij.com concept). If you claim its the way you write, then, thats a wrong way to wrtie my friend. People like you should be a means to unite the already too seperated nigerians not add more division because you want people to comment on your post.
  • Ifunanya Nnabuihe Emmanuel Must u use IGBO MAN? Wrong . appologise or u edit to avoid more comments on that, thanks.
  • Laseinde Ayobami Joylas @ Jeremiah you are one of the wise men with good understanding. Eddy go ahead with your write up.
  • Chukwunonso Nzekwe Mr endy I have had privileged to be with some reputable bloggers and the rest, I have read blogs and papers as regards articles of different elements. There's something called "sensitive reporting". There are certain word or words that can arouse the public to either revolt or indulge in tribalistic "bigotry" which is in everyone though not visible and as such u did put in something in that manner and u dare open up to say he is igbo, ig he is where u are from will you gladly use it as a caption. Guy be wise or lose your little relevance over here.
  • Ezenwa Okorocha Peculiar @Endy Edeson. You owe us apology here. You chose a very incompetent caption. Why not. 'MAN ARRESTED FOR......' Does it mean you have never seen an Igbo man dat answers Yorouba name and Hausa and vice varsa? Why didnt you go as far as supplying de remaining 23 names he used in de other accounts. you only supplied three. account names. Please eddit, change and apologise.
  • Malachy Ogemdi Endy you have to apologise ok because if you dont, definitely you will have yourself to blame because you will not like the comments you will be receiving from Igbo people here...... What an insolence.
  • Malachy Ogemdi I will make it compulsory that every Igbo person here must unlike and block you with immediate effect if you dont apologies........
  • Olufemi Adekunle Rotty Very easy for some people to associate Boko Haram with a particular tribe or religion but none want a thief or dupe to be associated with him or his tribe ,kudos Endy.
  • Mazi Uche Chimadaada What an intelligent man he is! For someone to open 25 accounts and wanted to have the 26th one is not for illiterates but intelligent people. And to my people, let's leave Endy regarding the term "IGBO MAN ARRESTED FOR OPENING 25 BANK ACCOUNTS". Endy, enjoy ur breaking news for am in good mood.
  • Valerø Jinx Ûgøçhükwü 25 accounts caught at 26th thats intresting... shows how smart, inelligent ibos could be... any tribe fit try... hes no theif cos theres no evidence of defrauding.. its all based on suspicion. Mr jounalist try harder next time. Ethical bigot
  • Chukwunonso Nzekwe @endy notable bloggers like @omojuwa, @lindaikeji @360nobs have had time to edit their blog as regards mistakes or misquote. But your being relaxed and settled in not changing that caption will only lead to a massive movement off your not too recognised blog to others. Clarity, honest opinions and originality keeps blogs moving..
  • Princexx Gift Some people look out for the errors and miss the message.What i don't get is how this post can cause trouble as you guys mean.I don't think there is anything wrong with this post and stop the threats...Thumps up Mr Eddy.
  • Oogunyemi Holuwartaryo Emmy Horladeeplenty Lwkmd. Igbo people I hail o
  • Chukwunonso Nzekwe Gift am not bothered about the message, the said man did something wrong YES, but the CAPTION is what's stupid about it
  • Ifunanya Nnabuihe Emmanuel umunna Endy obudi onye ebee?
  • Endy Edeson @princess, mazi, rotty etc. thanks for your understanding
  • Chukwunonso Nzekwe Well if as a writer cum blogger and you take criticism as a major blow to your hitting past mediocrity then be read to swim and sink as a mediocre, you won't supass your limit without absorbing critics and criticism. Your best should be the best throw ...See More
  • Endy Edeson

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