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Wednesday, 26 February 2014


The suspended Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Lamido Sanusi, has dragged President Goodluck Jonathan before an Abuja Federal High Court in a suit he filed to challenge his suspension from office.
In the application filed on his behalf by his lawyer, Kola Awodein, SAN, Sanusi is asking the court to restrain the President, the Attorney General of the Federation and the Inspector General of Police from giving effect to his purported suspension from office as the CBN governor, pending the determination of the suit.
He is equally asking the court to make an order of interlocutory injunction restraining the defendants “from obstructing, disturbing, stopping or preventing him, in any manner whatsoever, from performing the functions of his office as the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria and enjoying in full, the statutory powers and privileges attached to the office.”
Urging the court to expeditiously grant his interlocutory application, Sanusi maintained that any delay may cause irreparable and serious damage and mischief on him in the exercise of his statutory duties as the CBN governor.
He stated “The President’s continuing unlawful interference with the management and administration of the apex bank, unless arrested, poses grave danger to Nigeria’s economy.”
He insisted that the danger his suspension posed to the economy was enough reason for the court to grant his application and as a result make an order forstatus quo ante bellumto enable him to return to his office as the CBN governor.
In an affidavit deposed in support of the suit, Sanusi linked his suspension to the discrepancies he reported in the remittances of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation to the Federation Account.
He explained that in the course of his duties as the CBN governor, he discovered certain discrepancies in respect of amounts paid into the Federation Account from the proceeds of crude oil sales between the period of January 2012 and July 2013.
He added that he expressed concern in respect of the said discrepancies and also informed the National Assembly of same “because they affect the revenue of the federation and the national economy.”
Sanusi added that in purporting to suspend him from office, Jonathan was punishing him for the disclosures he made.
Sanusi stressed that the President did not approach nor obtain the support of the Senate before suspending him.
He disclosed that some senators, particularly a former governor of Kwara State, Senator Bukola Saraki, had informed him that Jonathan did not consult the upper legislative chamber before taking the action.
“I have been informed, and I verily believe the information given to me by Senator Bukola Saraki to be true and correct that the Senate did not give the President any support for my purported suspension and removal from office as the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria,” he said.
Sanusi further stated that his purported suspension was contrary to provisions of the Central Bank of Nigeria Act relating to the appointment and removal of the CBN governor.
According to him, his purported suspension amounted to “unlawful interference in the administration and management of the apex bank and is illegal, null and void.”
He therefore urged the court, in the interest of justice, to grant his reliefs.
The suit has not been assigned for hearing.
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  • DjLapel Femzy oga make another person chop too.
  • Ajape Phemi At initial stage, I was in support for #SLS but later I discovered he even played Father Christmas with Nigeria's money.

  • Meritus Uzoma Na nija court u sue mr president.we shall see who will augh last.
  • Bennard Ahupa Lol sanusi stop wasting ur time aboki with four wives
  • Jennifer Ogoo Okolo lol. the man too get ABOKI sense. lol. wit all the education. smh
  • Jennifer Ogoo Okolo he is using stolen nigeria money to sue nigeria president. hahahaha
  • James Sinach Anuforo You can't fight the government. Efcc is coming for you soon at SLS.
  • Austine Obilot Ibeagha Aboki mey suya,go to kano and start suya biz wit our stpolen money naaa.
  • Ifeanyi-chukwu Williams Chirah This is why we are still backwards, if you read this post well you will see an element of truth. CBN is in no contact with liquid cash so There's little a CBN gov can do when it comes to looting. Secondly the CBN is in charge of making the monetary and fiscal policies that run our economy. They have no direct link to raw cash. There is no volt in the CBN that our money is packed. Its just the apex administrative body for banks. There is the treasury department, now the only way the. CBN gov can steal money is if he works with the presidency or the legislative. He revealed there where discrepancies in NNPC financial reports for Jan2012 and July2013. He has reports on the amount of crude exports undertaken in nigeria which comes to his office directly but he observed that the money wasn't paid in full. He reserves the right to ask questions and he did. Remember whn GEJ announced on June 12th that unilag will be renamed MKO abiola university? He didn't consult the house as due process requires as such because unilag was set up by a legislative act or decree as it where then. Now under the full tenancy of the law the president doesn't wake up one morning and sack the govenor of the CBN without due consultations to the legislators and a obtain a vote of no confidence. We don't practice what the law upholds that's why we will ever remain in shadows. If sanusi understands his position well, I promise you the court will reverse his dismissal and reinstall him back as CBN gov. Now most of you will say it can never happen but the truth is no man not even the president is above the law. there is the problem with Nigerians thinking the president is above the law.
  • Fatai Olayemi Mr chirah tank u sir,bt put urself in d president shoe nd c hw it wil b,xo plx let him remov anybody dat prov 2b sturbon jst lyk dix lamido d man hax been so rude 2president in many ways,so by dix let anoda person tak ova nd again is tennure is graduly ova xo even if he lyk let him go apex court he wont get bak 2dat office,nd moreova y re piple xo selfish u av used almost 4yrx nd yet u dnt want 2lev d office 4anoda person.wel i jst pray dat GOD himself wuld tak cöntrol of dix country.
  • Bennard Ahupa Ifayi how u say they have access to money? Where did he got de 4billion he gave to bayoro university? 200 millions he gave to boko haram victim? Don't think u no about de bank, were do they get money to run de bank ?
  • Fatai Olayemi Benard abeg ask am oooo mayb na him salary reach al dat amnt abi,wel al knw dat nobi only him day do hw money anyhw day re xo many piple involve bt na him b d scape goat 4nw many more 2cum e.gchairman of efcc nd xo many more.
  • Ifeanyi-chukwu Williams Chirah With approval he can dole money out relief funds Education grants those are just formal functions. He has no direct control over cash unlike in the military era. If the president didn't go about the dismissal of sanuai as CBN gov correctly am sorry he might find himself in court. This is democracy
  • Bennard Ahupa So if he got de approval why mr president suspending him ?
  • Omolayo Abiodun Lukas @Ifeanyi CBN is autonomous the governor wage so much power that he can even print note. sanusi has acess to cash except CBN/banking acts is changed the CBN governor has acess to fund and can use it for good purpose with president approval. I think GEJ was not happy about how Sanusi was spending the money like a state Governor.
  • Ifeanyi-chukwu Williams Chirah He's not a scapegoat he discovered certain discrepancies in financial reports published it and got suspended.
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  • Bennard Ahupa Tank u my sister lukas tell him dear,he spend money anyhow he what without approval n he spend only on his state boko haram bomb many states buh it was kano own gave victim 2oom nthere re many universities buh it was only bayoro kano he gave 4billion n islamic banking he was supporting is dat is function?
  • James Sinach Anuforo Sanusi used this link to buy pes4 for is children.
  • Omolayo Abiodun Lukas Ifeanyi don't forget that d onus is on Sanusi too to give accurate audited figures he came out sometime ago to tell us 50million and now 20million. Guys, let just wait for court interpretation whether removal is same as suspension.
  • Ifeanyi-chukwu Williams Chirah He is a governor, tenured office like the rest. @omolayo, ur right may be GEJ is not happy with him. But I need u all to understand the basis of my argument. Gej did not take the necessary steps to effect the suspension of the CBN gov, now that lives his ass open for sanusi to ridicule him. Take it or live it if ascertained that Jonathan did not dully consult the legislative before announcing the suspension, sanusi will be back on his seat. And he might demand damages.
  • Bennard Ahupa De man is been use by APC to fight jonathan .he is becoming more of a politician instead of a cbn governor ,nobody can stop him mr president to suspend or even remove him self
  • Ifeanyi-chukwu Williams Chirah @bennard, GEJ has to consult the upper house b4 he sacks CBN gov simple.
  • Omolayo Abiodun Lukas Noooo Bernard GEJ is not a traditional ruler oo there are procedures to be taken under the rule of law for all issues.
  • Bennard Ahupa He is de sole executive n have de constitutional right to sack anybody ok my dear ,he did not sack him remember! He need no permition to suspend anybody he only need permition to appoint
  • Endurance Okanezi GEJ as d president of d country does not need any consultation or endorsement b4 suspending d Governor of CBN. Section 11 of CBN Act, 2007 did not ipso facto prohibit suspension but made it imperative 4 d president 2 have two/third majority of d senate...See More
  • Ifeanyi-chukwu Williams Chirah @okanezi, and if there is no justification for the suspension?

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