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Monday, 20 January 2014


 A state visit being planned by Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan to Canada for February has been canceled by the Canadian Government. 
The cancelation happened in the same week it was revealed the President secretly signed a controversial law banning gays, lesbians, and intimate minorities in Nigeria.

Sources in Abuja told NEWSMEN that the Nigerian Ambassador to Canada, Ojo Madueke, was told to inform President Jonathan that the state visit to Canada scheduled for February 13 and 14th 2014 has now been cancelled.
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  • Valentine Ortega Joe · 2 mutual friends
    we are not in any trouble. we refuse to be controlled by a country that merely exists on past glory!! CANADA can GO AND DIE
  • Nwigwe Ogochukwu Anne Dey shld go to hell.
  • Uche Chimadaada Am not surprised at all.
  • Ephraim Joseph Mustard They should go to hell. And dont think dat sinners wil love u while doing d mind of God.
  • Daniel Astondelanivandevica Yep ... very soon jonathan will only be allowed to travel to Kotonu.. or burkinafasso or Gambia... lol
    Im sure southafricans are mad at him.
    Well.... he could travel to North Korea. Lwkmd
  • Nelson Kalusha May God help this world, imagine??? how can the affairs of the Nigerians be more concerned to them, let them take it or leave it, Nigeria is our country, we must uphold our dignity!
  • Mary Alfred The pain of compromise is temporary but that of regret is permanent. It's better for the whole world to turn against you bcos you are doing the right thing than to compromise your values inorder to displease God just to seek the approval of men. It's better we loose the world than loose Heaven, I respect President Jonathan for just this brave decision, to hell with all the vanity of this world. If God be for U, then you've got all you need. This to me is not trouble but blessings. A country God has blessed, no country can pull down. God bless Nigeria!!!
  • Valentine Ortega Joe · 2 mutual friends
    seems like u aint in support of the anti gay/lesbian Bill? @Daniel
  • RM Spice Mikah Abeg make dey go die
  • Frankie Emie Jay Isuh We are not in Trouble buh rather, runing away from Trouble 
  • Frankie Emie Jay Isuh @Valentine ...Da nigga is Gay(Daniel) 
  • Jack Obinna Okoye Rubbish, let them go 2 hell 4 all i care.
  • Endy Edeson @Daniel, some people that commented on my post yesterday and today are saying you don't support the Anti-gay law, but why? i want you to clear your name and prove to them that you are not gay because they are thinking so
  • Valentine Ortega Joe · 2 mutual friends
    @frankie I suspect so! I heard the gays and lesbians are gonna protest today at Abuja under the Human rights umbrella!!! How true is sire? @ENDY EDESON
  • Uche Chimadaada Daniel, that not true. SAs' are very very happy with GEJ.
  • Gideon Emeka Ighodalo · 5 mutual friends
    Dem fit protest... ekelebe go use dem shine!
  • Enyinda Nathaniel Okey We need factories to employ people. We need books in our skls. We need electricity. Shame if all d help d west wishes to give us is about lesbianism and gay rights. They cannot export their immorality to us with their money
  • Uche Chimadaada Below is what I sent to one of the leading FB pages in South Africa and also their comments are here too for you to read..........Read Nigerian President Jonathan Goodluck has assented to a bill banning gay marriage and same-sex partnerships despite pressure and condemnation from international communities. How do you think this will affect Nigeria? 8 hours ago Like · Comment · Share Hide story 69 people like this. Mthandazo Mhlanga Mhlanga Mr Gud Lucky Jonathana dd a gud thing, it shows he z a christisa, the bible says we as christians if dumthing is wrong we must fight it until its gud, gays n lesbians must go to america weher they are welcome Like · 1 · 4 hours ago Molepo Magdeline its amaizng u hv a gay child bt busy comenting shit here...ur ryt at matsena reduction of population let evry1 du wts fit him or her nd dnt wory abwt sum1 bein gay y du u hv t worry dan cz ur livng ur own lyf t Like · 1 · 4 hours ago Xolani Mpungose The president is right.He must ignore pressure from the international communities because the word of God will always prevail and the truth will always be the truth. Good move president I salute you. Like · 1 · 4 hours ago Meshack Mashudu Ndou Even dogs know what 2 do, so this ppl r less human. He is right. Like · 3 · 4 hours ago Sanele Silabela Our next coming President must adopt dat system. Like · 2 · 4 hours ago Mthandeni Sipho Ngema God created Adam (male) and Eve (female) Like · 1 · 4 hours ago Kenny Kgatla I say congratulation to Nigeria for introducing this law that will stamp out homosexual practice in Nigeria. May God bless you. Like · 4 hours ago The-Mighty Thapzito Madibana it was first aproved by God that gays nd lesbians its a taboo..so big ups to Mr Jonathan Like · 1 · 4 hours ago Nthabeleng Nicky Good they c hore banna ba ya shota. Like · 4 hours ago Armstrong Mhango Good move mr presdent.
  • Gideon Emeka Ighodalo · 5 mutual friends
    Where Daniel dey live make i carry ekelebe go office d guy? @Daniel where u dey live??
  • Prist Franklin Eboka finding a beta day
  • Onojuvwevwo Lucky Then how is nigeria in trouble
  • Uche Chimadaada 98percnt of SAs' don't like Gay/lesbianism.
  • Adeyemi Love Micheal we are not in trouble. To hell with them
  • Ezea Kenneth They can go to hell,is canada richer than Nigeria?
  • Stanlon Özil Madridista Igbins Y ar u guys disturbing ur self commenting or talking about the little boy daniel???can't u see from his comment that he is still by all means a child...
  • Dipuo Kekana Uche says who?we South Africans mind our own bizness,gays and lesbians r human like all of us.those who pretend to b antigays r gays bhind closed doors,let them live their lives,only God will judge them
  • Ikade Justice Uche · Friends with Happilex Eruotor Sunshine
    Adam & Eve not Adam & Steve nor Adanma & Eve; God is our help not international community
  • Uche Chimadaada Dipuo, Point of observation: I said 98% of SAs' don't like it. May be u are amongst the remaining 2%.
  • John Chidi Chukwuka · Friends with Uche Chimadaada
    we are not in trouble, ethiopia was not colonised by whites but they are leaving very fine and a simple life, so why will small canada be making decision for our contry..... MR JONATHAN CAN NOT SIGN AN EVIL LIFE STYLE, IF ETHIOPIA CAN MAKE DECISON ON THEIR OWN WHY WILL NIGERIA BE MADE DECISOM FOR? Canada and Us cant change the law
  • Kutshal Kennedy Shaiyen so how is Nigeria in trouble? I just don't get it. if presido doesn't go to Canada does it change any thing? it doesn't stop him from being the president nd doesn't stop him from traveling. so screw d canadian govt
  • PreacherMan Ataisi Frank WE ARE NOT IN TROUBLE.......it is Right2always do the RIGHT things.....right is right and wrong is wrong.....VIVA NIGERIA!!
  • Temitope Olatunji Arajuwa many other beautiful countries are there jare, arabs and other Asian countries
  • Adebowale Sonubi maybe he should stop visiting anywhere and focus on the development of the country...Late General Sani Abacha adopted this style,though he was an extremist but it gaves him the power to take decisions in the best interest of himself and his beloveth country....if he had won the love of the country...then Sani Abacha was said to be our best president ever.....he has done the right thing and now our people needs a complimentary system...thats all....one thing people don't know is nigerians are extremist...we do things over the top...so i still support the anti gay rights.....for real,i dont want my brother to be one because definitely it will result in WAR.
  • Lawrence . Adeboye We are not in trouble in anyway ,i think this is the right time 4 our leaders 2 av a change of heart and start doing things right.
  • Nnem Amala Ezeani Why are we in Trouble MR EDESON????????If canadian govt canceeld our dear president or banned Nigerians frm their country then we do the same here
  • Valentine Ortega Joe · 2 mutual friends
    I don't just understand why a complete human with a brain could stoop so low to accept this barbaric sort of discrimination and taboo called gayism, on a second thought and based on research it has been proved dat a higher percentage ot HIV is transmitted via this act. Why are we deviating from the truth?? Does it mean that our creator made a mistake by installing a woman in the garden??? Take a time and ask urself this question, if your father was gay and didn't marry your mother what will bring your existence into this world??? G
    ays are only punishing themselves!!!! I spit on this very act of stupidity and high level of moral decadence!!! Wish I could walk up to mr president(GEJ) and say a million KUDOS to him!!! HE should stand by it cos I believe majority of us (NIGERIANS) are solidly in support!!!

  • Nelly Idagba An average Nigerian is closed minded and open mouthed. 
    Look at you all shouting anti-gal bill is good, laugh at urselves.
    Have you ever asked yourselves why corrupt politicians ain't given 14yrs jail term? Rather they walk freely after enough embezzlements.
    Have you also asked when your own country you pay tax on would give you maximum security? Even jobs, good hospitals infrastructures etc.
    You are concern about gays. Why don't you preach and quote the bibles and quaran for politician or your leader?
    Be wise guys, homosexuality is a victimless crime,let God judge them okay! Re-channel your minds back to what bothers and affects you and me...
  • Ango Abubakar We're not in trouble unless canada wants 2 put us. Those agree with same sex marriege who give them birth man o woman
  • Youngmoney Ojo Olusegun Nt by false 2 go 4 visit 2 Canada so let dem packed wel,we no do homosexual 4 9ja
  • Adebowale Sonubi Nelly Idagba don fall my hand....we do know there is corruption ...and thats what we working on,shouting everyday as much as giving it a cause for development but we cannot stand by and watch them pass this bill..it will destroy our country completely..i live in south africa...and i know how it feels to be a gay....u knw ur country,wait oo...re u from nigeria?
  • Valentine Ortega Joe · 2 mutual friends
    dear nelly from your smart point of view I put it to u dat U by ur statement supports same sex act and at the same acknowledges that it is a crime (homosexuality is a victimless CRIME) which to me is meaningless. every mind in Nigeria knows what is going on in the govt house!! so treat our issues sequencially! when a thread for embezelment is opened we shall as well discuss it. for now on top gay and lesbian matter we dey now ma!!
  • Elee Chinweike Christian TAAAAAAAA@Cannadians goverment,waiting they for Cannada self.
  • Valentine Ortega Joe · 2 mutual friends
    Our govt are like. But when they take a nice step I do appreciate it also!!!
  • Lawrence . Adeboye Nelly Idagba u'r in Nigeria abi why don't u start d crusade we shal join u. I thank God they got this gay bill right who knws mayb soon one of them wl propose a death penalty bill to any corrupt politician found guity. To me o capital No to gay marriage and lesbianism
  • Mohammed Awal Ishola i dislike the govt policies but this bill make sense die. this s how they forced us to join everything and sign every treaty without thinking. shoyinka and others may support it cos they are paid agent of them. democracy is authocracy from the bbig powers. corruption is not jus financial crime its a broad concept of pavation.
  • Stella Otas Very simple dey should tel dem not to ever step their foot into dis country again Canada my foot
  • Auwal Muhammad Ibrahim Yes O!!, we arent in trouble, but salvation from deseas.. keep on flying mr presido
  • Mohammed Awal Ishola Mohammed Awal Isholado we really need aids. u gave us hiv aids truur aids. keep ur aids cos u gave us manyproblems arising from war.diseases.corruption..indecency.bad movies. all theseand lots more thanks to our politicians forstealling the tommorrow of the yet unborn
  • Fatide Taiwo Boluwaji D country dat supporting Gay/Lesbianism are calling d wrath of God upon themself
  • Mohammed Awal Ishola he pain clueless stephen. homosexual trash
  • Alaribe Okechukwu Stanley If they like let them go to hell for all i care, same marriage is not gud both in the sight of God and man.
  • Valentine Iorlaha Adura Let all de countries strt banning Nigeria sef, dat ll help us to look inward n build our economy with de stupid aids frm foreign land!
  • Ez Iy Canadians also have official visit to Nigeria which the Nigerian government can as well cancel if such cancellation means nothing but trouble
  • Jide Vincent Nigeria is the trigger of Africa, quote me anywhere.. As soon as Nigeria says yes to gay and homosexual, wrath on nature will visit here
  • Simon DonSim Yahya Is even beta he stays home, wht has Canada to offer 2 a true 9ja more than sick ill heart
  • Itodo Michael So dey cancelled jonathan visit to canada? Who cares?. Gay and lesbians has no ryt in nigeria. Thats what matters.
  • Rebmeroi Cytimann Chiahemba Let JEG come sit home and run Nigeria, what is the real impact of all the travels, outside stocking our money in foreign banks?
  • Raphael Da Arch Angel The truth is that these countries need us more than we need .. Plus endy u shud be a patriot, pls motion headlines to be a bit patriotic, dnt let us look like the ones at the loosing end thats what Bbc, Cnn and Aljazeera do.
  • Bekere Becky Afaka i dont think nigerians ar in trouble endy.we just got our freedom frm evil western culture!thank God
  • Rosemary Barnabas · 2 mutual friends
    To hell with them, we will stay in our country nd we will live hapi without any Wahala, naija is great.
  • Meritus Uzoma Gej.relax and continue 2 ask 4 Gods direction at d end we shall see who wins.let Gods will be don in nija.and nt d will of d western countries.
  • Justice Eke 'jp' *POINT OF CORRECTION: Nigerians are not in trouble*

    Our nation, 'Nigeria' is an independent Nation, & as such is responsible to her policies cum decisions...
    If d Gov't of Canada decides to cancel President Jonathan's visit 2 their country... WHO CARES??!
  • James Sinach Anuforo Goodluck is truly acting on the words in the National anthem "To serve with heart and mind, to uphold thy honour and Glory so help us God and God is even helping him to help us. Since Oluwa is involve i don't think Nigeria is in trouble rather i think canada is in trouble.
  • Valentine Solomon So our country go against God cos we wnt to make peace with the world pls if they wish let them depot all the nigerians in canada, cos we r not ready to die like a sadom n gamora canadians
  • Justice Eke 'jp' They asked us to wear coat under hot sun, we did!
    They said we should speak their language, we obediently dump ours!
    They asked us to tie a rope round our necks like goats, we obeyed!
    They said our ladies should wear dead people's hair instead of the natural ones God gave to them, they obeyed!
    They said our decent gals should wear catapults instead of the conventional underwear, they obeyed!
    Now they want our men to sleep with fellow men AND women with fellow women, So that God would visit us like He did to Sodom and Gomorrah! We say tufiakwa!(God forbid)... They shud keep their aids(assistance) for all I care.
  • Frank Sylvanus Because of dis bill alone,I give Jonathan my vote 2015. Indeed is president.
  • Kenneth Gbidi · 4 mutual friends
    A time is coming is this country wen gays and lesbians will seek for a hiding place, and they will not find.the will beg for their lives and will not have it...bcos there will b no prison to keep them...this is Nigeria and not Europe or America.
  • Richard Ajakaye To hell with Canada & western world for promoting satan & demonic act. God bless my country Nigeria & our President for being on the side of God on this issue by banning the demonic practice of a man having sex with his fellow man & a woman having sex with her fellow woman.
  • Okwuchukwu Henry If them want let them deport our brothers from their country,but I strongly believe that we can't compromise our culture for theirs.....God bless Nigeria
  • Heerayteehorlar Haadeygohrohyeh Haadeybohyeh God punish satan, Canada or whoeva sud die ib hell
  • Amaobi Nwachukwu · 2 mutual friends
    Gwanu ndi Canada, oburu na ha si ka anyi kuwasiba, anyi akuwasiba o o.
  • DjLapel Femzy furk Canada!!!
  • Heerayteehorlar Haadeygohrohyeh Haadeybohyeh My hubby said dis is wat Gadafi of Libya was saying yrs back about des westerner's, Europe, Canada, America, UK...... Zebruma gaaba, wazan
  • Mercy Dan U asked us to wear coat under hot sun, we did!U said we should speak ur language, we obediently dump ours!U asked us to tie a rope round our necks like goats, we obeyed!U said our ladies should wear dead people's hair instead of the natural ones God gave to them, they obeyed U said we should marry just one woman in the midst of plenty damsels, we reluctantly obeyed!U said our decent gals should wear catapults instead of the conventional pants, they obeyed!Now u want our men to sleep with fellow men AND women with fellow women so that God would visit us like Sodom!Oyinbo, we say tufiakwa! If u like keep your aids. As Nigerians we say NO to gay relationships.
  • Loveday Emeka Okwara @ justice eke,bros na true u talk jare.......dnt mind them,God will not allow such to happen in our blessed country.
  • Targema Kajo Declare all Canadians living in Nigeria "Persona Non Grata"
  • Esther Uchebe Chai..to be gay na by force?
  • Enyinda Nathaniel Okey i studied in Canada. I taught in Canada. How many of their ladies are marrying ladies... how many of their men are marrying men... why must they foist this culture of stupidity on us?
    20 hours ago · Unlike · 1
  • James Sinach Anuforo For more photos relating to this, visitwww.anuforojames.wordpress.com
    20 hours ago · Unlike · 1
  • Shande Inyaregh · Friends with Targema Kajo
    Abacha was tough on d so cal western nations nd turned to Asia, bt Nig as a nation stil an entity, GEJ, they also need dis country 4 corporate existence
  • Emeka Ejimbe capital no.a taboo our country cant practice gay.God wil destroy humanity again.we say no to that.
  • Princesteve Adeoti Temitayo · Friends with Ofovbe Lawrence
    Oyiiboo, na wa for u ooooooo!U asked us to wear coat under hot sun, we did! U said we should speak ur language, we obediently dump ours! U asked us to tie a rope round our necks like goats, we obeyed! U said our ladies should wear dead people's hair instead of the natural ones God gave to them, they obeyed. U said we should marry just one woman in the midst of plenty damsels, we reluctantly obeyed! U said our decent gals should wear catapults instead of the conventional pants, they obeyed! Now u want our men to sleep with fellow men AND women with fellow women so that God would visit us like Sodom! Oyinbo, we say tufiakwa! If u like don't help us again. You are not our God. As Nigerians we say NO to GAY relationships/MarriageShare 2support the Movement.
    19 hours ago · Like · 6
  • RM Spice Mikah Why dem nor de use homo & lesbians take de give visal to enter dier country u.s.a & canada?.. Dem de sey equal right.. Abeg make dem go look bush
    11 hours ago · Like · 1
  • Daniel Mbohok · Friends with Ayuba Lengdang Kumbet
    hmm persecution? God bless Nigeria.
  • Dayo Fash make dem go hug transformer
  • Amos Roboudu Apeikhena · Friends with Enyigwe Matthew Enyigwe
    We ar africans; we stand our grounds.we dont take rubbish especialy like gay nd lesbianism.
  • Probity Ben God did not made a man to man nor He made a woman to woman but God made a woman to a man. man to man or woman to woman is against the law of GOD
  • Raphael Ajunwa Nigeria should withdraw our personnel in that country without delay.
  • Awl Adamu hmmmmm mak jesus christ do cm o if no b so him go find out say na only him go go back oooo....coz d world is turning 2 smtin else.God help us.
  • Endy Edeson

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