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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

How to Make Your Marriage Last Long

1. work stress: The Task: Make your marriage a place of peace. The Solution: Acknowledge that at the end of a long, stressful day you may need time to yourselves to decompress before interacting with each other. If you bring your work stress home, it will sabotage your marriage. Build time to unwind into your daily schedule. Once you’re both feeling relatively composed, it’s time to come together and talk about each other's day. Have a stress-reducing conversation.

2. In-Laws

The Task: Establish a sense of “we-ness,”
or solidarity, between partners.

The Solution: Side with your spouse.
Establish your own family rituals, values,
and lifestyle and insist that in-laws
respect them. An important part of
putting your spouse first and building
this sense of solidarity is not to tolerate
any contempt toward your spouse from
your parents.

3. Money

The Task: Balance the freedom and
empowerment money represents with
the security and trust it also symbolizes.

The Solution: What’s most important in
terms of your marriage is that you work
as a team on financial issues and that you
express your concerns, needs, and
dreams to each other before coming up
with a plan. You’ll each need to be firm
about items that you consider
nonnegotiable. Itemize your current
expenditures, manage your everyday
finances, and plan your financial future.
If you’re having trouble, see a financial

4. Sex

The Task: Fundamental appreciation and
acceptance of each other.

The Solution: Learn to talk to each other
about sex in a way that lets you both feel
safe. The goal of sex is to be closer, to
have more fun, to feel satisfied, and to
feel valued and accepted in this very
tender area of your marriage. A major
characteristic of couples who have a
happy sex life is that they see
lovemaking as an expression of intimacy
but they don’t take any differences in
their needs or desires personally

5. Housework

The Task: Create a sense of fairness and

The Solution: The simple truth is that men
have to do more housework. Maybe this
fact will spark a husband's enthusiasm
for domestic chores: Women find a man's
willingness to do housework extremely
Intimate. When the husband does his share
to maintain the home, both he and his
wife report a more satisfying sex life than
in marriages where the wife believes her
husband is not doing his share. However,
the quantity of housework is not
necessarily a determining factor in the
housework = sex equation. Two other
variables: whether the husband does his
chores without being asked, and whether
he is flexible in his duties in response to
her needs.

6. A New Baby

The Task: Expand your sense of "we-ness"
to include your children.

The Solution: In the first year after baby
arrives, 67% of wives experience a
precipitous plummet in their marital
satisfaction. Lack of sleep, feeling
overwhelmed and under appreciated,
juggling mothering with a job, economic
stress, and lack of time to oneself, among
other things. Why do the other 33% sail
through the transition unscathed? What
separates these blissful mothers from the
rest has everything to do with whether
the husband experiences the
transformation to parenthood along with
his wife or gets left behind.

17 September
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Olanrewaju Titiloye
Message well copied
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Endy Edeson
Good morning titilope; guess u are married
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Bennard Ahupa
Nice1 eddyboy
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Endy Edeson
@Bennard: goodmorning brother. have a nice day. marriage is a very vital part ofour lives that we should always priotize on. hope you are on your way to work
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Enyinda Nathaniel Okey
I have been in the business of being married for 37 years,. It is about the resolve of the man and the woman to stay together no matter what... all the reasons stated above are serious reasons.... but then, na person wey get something for mind dey look for reason... good morning Endy dear
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Endy Edeson
@Okey: good morning my brother. i admire your marital success
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Cavani Uzochukwu
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Bussy Duro
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