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Monday, 2 December 2013

5things You Should Do To Make Your Relationship Last

COMMITMENT: This is a very vital, and it sounds obvious, but nothing can ruin a relationship faster than when one party is not as committed as the other. Commitment means you both wants to be in the relationship, are willing to put equal time and energy into the maintaining it: you both wish to be faithful to each other and share each others lives and y together even through the rough times.
TRUST: Partners have to know they can trust one another with sensitive feelings and being able to show weakness without them being used against them or reveals others. Trust also means that you shouldn’t have to search through your partners belongings for phone numbers or love notes written by someone other than yourself.

ADAPT TO CHANGE: Learn to be flexible when life sends you through inevitable changes, not only things such as job loss or illness, but as we age, hopefully we grow and our personality’s needs and goals might change. You must learn to accommodate each ambition and also adapt to the major occurrences in life that can rip a weak relationship apart, such as the death of a family member, new responsibilities. Be supportive during difficult and good times. And it is important for the recipient of the support to accept the assistance.
HUMOUR: keep a sense of humour. Be able to laugh at yourself and each other. Find the lighter side of life. Healthy laughter diffuses tension and relieves stress. Don’t take yourself too seriously. A good laughter cures many ills.
KEEP UP YOUR APPEARANCE: Sometimes we get so comfortable in our relationships, we let ourselves go, take our lovers for granted, or forget to simply ask our lovers how their day went. Treat each other as you did when you first met with interest and passion. Click here to learn more: 

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